Outdoor Chores 101 Tips On Finding The Right Power Equipment

Outdoor Chores 101 Tips On Finding The Right Power Equipment

If you live in​ a​ suburban or​ semirural area and​ the​ demands of​ caring for​ your property have you feeling like a​ pioneer, don't despair. Today's pioneers have access to​ a​ wide range of​ equipment, services and​ specialists that can help turn their wilderness into a​ wonderland.

"Oftentimes first-time land owners know what outdoor tasks they want to​ accomplish, but they don't know what kind of​ equipment they need," says Cleo Franklin, manager John Deere Large Property Owner customer segment.

For example, Peggy Sundberg purchased land in​ Colorado with the​ vision of​ turning 43 acres of​ rocky soil into her very own horse ranch.

"I was determined to​ do most of​ the​ work required to​ build my own ranch, but I didn't quite know where to​ begin," says Sundberg. "I knew I'd need equipment, but it​ was beyond me to​ know what would work best for​ the​ task ahead.

"My dealer took the​ time to​ listen and​ understand what my needs were," says Sundberg. "He was then able to​ help me visualize the​ scope of​ work I could do with the​ equipment, which enabled me to​ make an​ informed decision when it​ came to​ the​ buying stage."

Many customers, says Franklin, are like Sundberg-they tend to​ think in​ terms of​ tasks instead of​ tools.

"A good dealer," he explained, "will know the​ type of​ equipment you need by asking you detailed questions about the​ type of​ property you own and​ the​ type of​ chores you plan to​ do."

Before researching equipment, Franklin says to​ consider the​ type of​ chores you plan to​ do, such as:

• Hauling

• Towing

• Loading

• Snow removal

• Mowing hay

• Tilling

• Removing trees

• Mowing

• Trimming

• Brush removal.

"The more you know about your workload," he says, "the better your chances of​ going home with the​ right equipment."

Franklin observed that customers walking into a​ dealership for​ the​ first time are typically surprised at​ the​ level of​ service they receive. Depending on the​ products and​ dealership, some services include:

• Individualized customer attention throughout the​ buying process

• Experienced, trained staff

• Product demonstration

• Home delivery of​ product

• Safety lessons

• Onsite service calls

• Seasonal maintenance checkups.

"My dealer was wonderful to​ me," says Sundberg. "He delivered my tractor to​ the​ house and​ spent more than three hours instructing me on correct operating procedures. I found that this tractor I was once scared of​ using is​ now fun to​ drive."

If you're new to​ buying equipment or​ looking to​ upgrade, Franklin says now may be an​ exciting time to​ see all of​ the​ new innovations coming to​ the​ market.

"There is​ a​ growing trend of​ people moving to​ homes with larger property, and​ the​ equipment industry has responded by offering new products specific to​ meet the​ needs of​ this demographic."

In the​ last three years alone, John Deere has expanded its product offerings to​ include a​ new line of​ ATVs, an​ all-new expanded line of​ utility vehicles, new zero-turn radius mowers, new lawn tractors and​ a​ new expanded lineup of​ compact tractors ranging from 24 to​ 58 hp.

"Never before have property owners had such a​ wide range of​ equipment options to​ choose from," says Franklin. "Homeowners may be pioneers in​ their own backyard, but it's reassuring that they have a​ friendly and​ knowledgeable John Deere dealer nearby to​ help them visualize their tasks, do the​ work and​ enjoy the​ results of​ a​ job well done."

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