Orlando Real Estate Investments All Properties Are Not Equal

Orlando Real Estate Investments All Properties Are Not Equal

Orlando Real Estate Investments: All Properties Are Not Equal
In stark contrast to​ five years ago, when single-family homes were a​ sure-fire moneymaker, today's real estate market calls for​ a​ savvy investor .​
Now that single-family homes constitute a​ buyer's market in​ many major cities in​ the​ U.S., it​ pays to​ think outside the​ box and​ embrace new investment opportunities in​ locations that will pay returns .​
Orlando, Florida real estate investments constitute one such opportunity .​
Why Property in​ Orlando?
When it​ comes to​ property in​ Orlando, Florida, you might say that there are 55 million reasons to​ invest .​
That's because there Orlando hosts an​ estimated 55 million tourists each year - all of​ whom need a​ place to​ stay .​
In addition, the​ greater Orlando area generates over a​ half billion dollars in​ retail sales and​ welcomes over 1,200 new adult residents .​
Even so, the​ Orlando housing market is​ considered to​ be 30 percent undervalued when compared with other major cities in​ the​ United States .​
The city also ranks first in​ the​ second home market in​ the​ U.S.
It's no surprise that Orlando, Florida is​ such a​ desirable destination .​
After all, there are 95 family-friendly attractions (think Disney World, Universal Studios, and​ Sea World, for​ starters), 4,500 restaurants, and​ over 200 golf courses .​
Over three-quarters of​ visitors to​ Orlando cite leisure activities as​ their primary reason for​ visiting .​
So, when it​ comes to​ Orlando real estate investments, the​ fruit is​ ripe for​ picking.
The Best Orlando Properties
When it​ comes to​ Orlando real estate investments, all properties are not equal .​
Homes, town homes, and​ condos are akin to​ Real Estate 1.0 .​
The latest version - Real Estate 2.0, if​ you will - is​ the​ condo hotel resort .​
For investors, the​ condo hotel resort is​ the​ best of​ all worlds, in​ that it​ allows you to​ generate rental income from your unit when you are not using it .​
Plus, a​ condo hotel resort has many desirable features beyond living space, such as​ retail stores, restaurants, pools, and​ so forth.
A perfect example is​ Orlando's Blue Rose condo hotel, set to​ break ground in​ late 2018 and​ be completed in​ 2018 .​
With pre-construction investments already underway, the​ Blue Rose plans over 250 condominiums and​ over 1,200 designer-furnished condo hotel suites .​
These include high-end luxury studio lofts, one- and​ two-bedroom units, and​ penthouse suites that will range from 570 to​ 3,000 square feet .​
The Blue Rose will be a​ full resort, complete with a​ Swan Lake Promenade, European cafes, themed restaurants, private pool cabanas, and​ a​ 1,000-seat theater with two productions daily .​
Investors in​ condo hotel resorts can use them as​ a​ straightforward investment property, or​ can enjoy them as​ a​ vacation home .​
Condo hotel resorts typically assume responsibility for​ rentals, management, and​ maintenance, removing the​ headaches and​ hassles often associated with buying rental investment property .​
In sum, Orlando real estate investments are wise in​ the​ current real estate market, but some investments will bring a​ greater return on investment than others .​
Condo hotel resorts, such as​ the​ Blue Rose, are the​ new wave of​ real estate investment opportunities.

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