Orlando Real Estate The Importance Of Picking The Right Broker

Orlando Real Estate The Importance Of Picking The Right Broker

Orlando Real Estate the​ Importance of​ Picking the​ Right Broker
All markets have their ups and​ downs, and​ for​ real estate its been mostly down for​ some time now. However, according to​ a​ study and​ forecast by Attorneys Title Insurance Fund Inc. , Orlando real estate continues to​ be the​ strongest real estate market in​ Florida because of​ the​ areas strength in​ fastgrowing industries such as​ healthcare, tourism, education and​ defense. if​ youre a​ seller, there have been better times, even in​ Orlando. if​ youre a​ buyer there are some terrific bargains. Either way, in​ these trying times it​ is​ especially important to​ work with a​ real estate agent who specializes in​ the​ local area. This is​ a​ lesson I ​ learned the​ hard way.
When I ​ bought my first home, I ​ had no clue about real estate or​ even what MLS stood for​ Multiple Listing Service. However, I ​ lucked into working with a​ local real estate agent who knew the​ area and​ its listings inside out. Even though I ​ more or​ less knew what I ​ wanted, he insisted on showing me a​ variety of​ properties in​ several areas. He said I ​ needed to​ know what was out there so that I ​ could make an informed decision. While driving me to​ see properties he explained the​ pros and​ cons of​ every area, location, and​ building type. His advice proved invaluable as​ I ​ ended up buying a​ home that was just perfect.
A few years and​ two promotions later I ​ was ready to​ move up and​ saw a​ house that I ​ really liked. Unfortunately, I ​ had forgotten how important it​ was to​ get the​ right agent and​ simply called the​ number of​ the​ listing agent. Real estate was booming back then and​ I ​ had no problem selling my first home at​ a​ large profit, but my new broker either didnt care or​ simply didnt have a​ clue. as​ a​ result, I ​ overpaid for​ my new home and​ the​ entire buying process was a​ nightmare. the​ agent knew nothing of​ the​ neighborhood, the​ property was neglected while I ​ waited for​ the​ closing, and​ the​ agent did nothing to​ help me at​ all.
When I ​ was ready to​ move again, all this came back to​ haunt me. While I ​ had thought my property was a​ dream home, it​ turned out that it​ had several flaws that made it​ unattractive in​ a​ declining market. the​ agent had never mentioned that to​ me. and​ once again I ​ was stupid enough to​ enlist an inexperienced parttime broker to​ sell my home. the​ national realty firm she worked for​ was no help at​ all and, after what seemed like forever, I ​ ended up selling at​ a​ large loss.
I had learned my lesson the​ hard way and​ resolved to​ never make the​ same mistake again. When we finally relocated I ​ drove around the​ area, spoke to​ homeowners, interviewed several agents, and​ finally found a​ local realty firm that specialized in​ the​ part of​ town I ​ was interested in. They helped me in​ my search and​ the​ difference was dramatic. Like that very first broker of​ mine, the​ agent took his time explaining local market conditions, listening to​ my requirements, going through the​ Orlando MLS with me, patiently showing me various options, locating a​ great place, helping me close a​ good deal, and​ then assisting me with local laws and​ paperwork.
They say real estate is​ location, location, location. in​ my experience, thats only partially true. What its really about is​ agent, agent, agent. Orlando real estate remains an attractive and​ potentially lucrative proposition, but only if​ you pick the​ right agent. Whether its preconstruction, construction, investment or​ just advice, getting someone who truly knows Orlando and​ its markets is​ essential.

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