Orlando Is For Shopping Not Just Theme Parks

Orlando Is For Shopping Not Just Theme Parks

This title says it​ all, sort of. You can find just about anything you want in​ Orlando, and​ any time of​ year (unless you like snow and​ cold weather; sorry friend).

The superb shopping in​ Orlando can be just as​ much of​ a​ tourist attraction as​ the​ world famous theme parks and​ other regular tourist attractions.

Called by some writers ‘the ultimate family holiday destination’ this small but vibrant city is​ home to​ a​ large number of​ excellent shopping malls, and​ is​ known for​ its vibrant nightlife and​ renowned sports centers.

In sum, a​ visit to​ Orlando means a​ phenomenal number of​ outstanding shops and​ stores. You’ll find a​ vast range of​ designer outlets, classy department stores, countless fashion boutiques and​ sprawling shopping malls.

Something for​ everyone, indeed. Let’s check out a​ few of​ them now, so you can have an​ idea of​ what to​ expect in​ this tourist mecca.

Starting at​ the​ top end, there is​ the​ Florida Mall, Orlando’s largest shopping center. With 245 stores, including eight department stores, well, you’re more than likely to​ find what something you want here. the​ location, naturally, is​ convenient as​ it’s near International Drive, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and​ Sea World.

Not so large, but hardly ‘small’ is​ Alamonte Mall, near the​ downtown area. More than 150 stores beckon you to​ a​ great shopping experience which is​ very much Florida, including indoor palm trees and​ native vegetation in​ the​ mall.

And if​ shopping is​ your thing, or​ even if​ you just need a​ couple of​ personal items or​ a​ gift or​ two, or​ three, don’t miss the​ Mall at​ Millenia. Reputed as​ very big and​ very complete, it’s centrally located and​ close to​ major theme parks. the​ mall offers such conveniences as​ valet parking, discounted hotel reservations, gift wrapping, and​ a​ U.S. post office; and​ that’s just the​ beginning.

And with all that shopping, eating has to​ fit in​ there somewhere. There’s quick and​ easy food for​ the​ family at​ the​ food court. There are also plenty of​ upscale restaurants and​ their famous cheesecake factory.

The variety of​ shopping in​ Orlando is​ not just in​ the​ number of​ malls. There are various styles also. for​ example, outlet malls are known for​ great deals. Orlando has several outlet centers. Two are located right on International Drive: Belz Designer Outlet Center and​ the​ Belz Factory Outlet are convenient to​ get to​ and​ the​ Belz Factory Outlet is​ the​ largest outlet center in​ the​ United States. the​ designer outlet includes brands such as​ Ralph Lauren, DKNY and​ many others.

Another outlet mall is​ the​ Orlando Premium Outlet, featuring discount merchandise. There are good deals at​ just about every store. and​ Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, located near Disney World, has a​ great variety of​ stores and​ products for​ everyone in​ your family, including a​ playground for​ the​ kids.

Completing the​ shopping cycle, International Drive has two large, open air markets.

The Mercado has several stores featuring a​ wide variety of​ designer clothes. There are also various places to​ buy the​ art work of​ local artists as​ well as​ other Floridian merchandise. the​ ambience of​ an​ open air market is​ emphasized by the​ cobblestone walk ways throughout.

The Pointe Orlando is​ a​ large open air market with sixty stores, but is​ not only for​ shopping. One can have a​ great time dining and​ enjoying their evening entertainment. Its seven restaurants and​ two night clubs assure you a​ fine time.

And to​ get more of​ a​ sense of​ locality, another open air market, the​ Farmer’s Market, features fresh produce, locally made crafts and​ a​ variety of​ other merchandise.

So, yes, it’s true, Orlando really does offer the​ visitor a​ full experience. After the​ theme parks, don’t forget your shopping. You’ll find it​ all here!

Orlando Is For Shopping Not Just Theme Parks

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