Organize Your Christmas Shopping

Grab a​ notebook. Grab a​ pen. It's time to​ get serious about your Christmas shopping by making your list (and checking it​ twice).

Make a​ list of​ the​ people you'll be buying for​ this year. Leave space between each person’s name. Now go back through the​ list and​ write down gift ideas and​ a​ rough dollar amount you’re willing to​ spend on each person.


1. Aunt Fran - Collects lighthouses, loves golf - $30.00

2. Beth - Candles, bath and​ body products - $20.00

3. Joe - Something for​ his new truck, loves fishing - $50.00

Bring your notebook shopping with you. it​ will help you to​ stay focused on who you need to​ shop for, a​ general idea of​ what you're looking for​ and​ your price range. Making a​ detailed list like this will prove invaluable in​ keeping you organized and​ on budget with your Christmas shopping. as​ you shop, cross off each person on your list. Be sure to​ keep an​ eye open for​ bargains and​ grab a​ few extra gifts - there's always that visitor that shows up that you didn't anticipate.

Set holiday shopping goals for​ yourself and​ jot them down in​ your notebook.

1. I will have all cards in​ the​ mail by December 10th.

2. All of​ my major shopping will be done by December 15th.

3. I will not go over budget!

Making lists and​ setting goals for​ yourself this holiday will save you time and​ stress and​ allow you to​ enjoy the​ season for​ what it​ really is. if​ you haven't started your shopping, start now. It's not too late to​ get on track. the​ first step is​ starting your notebook, making your list and​ getting a​ plan of​ action.

After the​ holidays, store your notebook away somewhere (perhaps with your decorations). it​ will serve as​ a​ great reference when you're ready to​ start your shopping next year.

Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping...and by keeping a​ Holiday Notebook - Happy You!

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