Organic Dog Food And Making The Right Choice

So what's the​ deal with Organic dog food?

As you​ know,​ dog food is​ available in​ a​ wide variety of​ colours,​ sizes,​ flavors,​ and shapes. the​ real distinction is​ obviously the​ ingredients contained in​ the​ products. you​ may be surprised to​ know that the​ ingredient list on​ dog food labels reads very much like human junk food. Some ingredients are even difficult to​ pronounce and are borrowed from medical encyclopedias. Then of​ course there are dog foods that are teeming with artificial ingredients,​ additives and preservatives that can be harmful to​ pets. So just what is​ "Spot" to​ do when it​ comes to​ healthy eating?

Many pet owners are discovering organic dog foods to​ feed their pets. Just as​ we humans are conscious of​ what we put into our bodies,​ these pet owners take that same consciousness and use it​ to​ make wiser decisions about not including chemicals in​ their dogs' diets. Organic dog treats are the​ next best thing to​ all natural dog food,​ as​ they are free of​ the​ pesticides and insecticides that are present in​ many foods.

Be aware of​ food labels however,​ as​ they can be very confusing. Natural dog food is​ not the​ same as​ "organic"dog food and this can be quite misleading for many. the​ fact is,​ "natural" foods are not held to​ the​ same higher standard as​ "organic" foods. the​ USDA must certify a​ food as​ organic,​ in​ order for the​ food to​ be labelled as​ such. Natural dog treats are considerably less costly than their organic counterparts,​ and as​ such are not deemed as​ reliable. Natural foods do however guarantee the​ absence of​ food colouring and additives such as​ sodium metabisulfite or​ ethoxyquin,​ which are allergens linked to​ allergies,​ cancer and even brain damage.

Even though organic food servings are pricier and contain about half the​ amount of​ food in​ volume compared to​ non-organic food,​ dogs are reportedly more satisfied with the​ lesser amount due to​ the​ purity of​ the​ healthier ingredients contained. This makes the​ organic and non-organic dog foods very comparable in​ price.

The bottom line is​ that choosing to​ feed your dog organic food instead of​ the​ preservative and chemically rich non-organic food can definitely go a​ long way in​ helping your dog live a​ more healthy and troublefree life free of​ allergies,​ skin ailments,​ diabetes and cancer. an​ added benefit may be the​ lower veterinary bills brought on​ by your healthier dog.

For further information on​ this topic,​ be sure to​ consult the​ many resources available to​ you​ online. Enjoy your dog in​ good health!

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