Oregon Real Estate Going Hip And Green

Oregon Real Estate Going Hip And Green

Oregon Real Estate – Going Hip and​ Green
Located in​ the​ Pacific Northwest, Oregon is​ hip state that gets a​ lot of​ rain .​
This rain results in​ a​ beautiful green state, but doesn’t put a​ damper on the​ real estate market .​
From the​ stunning Crater Lake to​ Pioneer Square in​ Portland, Oregon is​ a​ diverse state .​
The population ranges from hippies to​ the​ very conservative depending upon where you happen to​ be standing .​
There are forests, beaches, rivers and​ even deserts .​
All of​ this is​ typically within a​ couple hours drive from every major population center .​
Go skiing one day and​ sailing the​ next!
Portland is​ truly a​ big city with a​ small town feel .​
This dichotomy is​ a​ product of​ very careful planning, which has led to​ a​ lack of​ the​ urban sprawl seen in​ so many other cities .​
The architecture has a​ prominent east coast flavor, with red brick buildings on prominent display .​
The city is​ populated with coffee houses, bookstores and​ microbreweries .​
Indeed, Portland seems to​ be the​ home of​ the​ microbrew, with literally hundreds seeming to​ exist .​
For quality of​ life, Portland gets top marks .​
If you’ve watched the​ movie Animal House, you’re familiar with Eugene .​
Yep, the​ movie was shot there .​
Eugene is​ a​ wonderfully eclectic mix of​ styles, politics and​ attitude .​
The home of​ the​ University of​ Oregon, the​ city is​ energized with student activities .​
On the​ other hand, Eugene also has a​ sophisticated side with operas, Bach classic music festivals as​ well as​ a​ symphony and​ ballet company .​
Perhaps the​ best thing that can be said about Eugene is​ most visitors make plans to​ live in​ the​ city at​ some point in​ their life .​
Oregon Real Estate
Oregon real estate is​ reasonably priced, but fluctuate wildly depending upon the​ particular location you are considering .​
a​ single family home in​ Portland will set you back $300,000 on average, while one in​ Eugene will run in​ the​ $325 range .​
The appreciation rate for​ Oregon real estate is​ a​ robust for​ 15 percent for​ 2018 .​
If you enjoy a​ bit of​ weather and​ the​ outdoors, Oregon is​ definitely a​ state to​ take a​ look at .​
Just keep in​ mind that once you move there, you may never leave.

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