Ordinary Product Added Value Increased Profits

Ordinary Product Added Value Increased Profits

Ordinary product + Added value = Increased Profits!
The fact is​ that there are few items nowadays with a​ huge retail markup and worldwide markets such as​ eBay do nothing to​ help this situation as​ there are so many sellers that there is​ only one way for prices to​ go and that is​ down .​
So instead of​ taking the easy option and trying to​ simply purchase an​ item at​ one price and sell it​ on to​ someone else for double (which involves little skill, thus anyone can do it​ meaning the end result is​ that after a​ very short time you won't be able to​ double your money because of​ competition), you need to​ try and find a​ way to​ ADD VALUE .​
In other words, buy a​ standard product and then modify/change it​ in​ some way to​ make it​ more attractive to​ buyers .​
This will enable you to​ make a​ larger profit margin and depending upon what you are doing to​ the product, may help reduce the level of​ competition you have to​ face .​
Let me give you a​ couple of​ examples:
How about buying an​ ordinary, plain t-shirt (wholesale cost for t-shirts is​ as​ little as​ $1.80/£1.00 each) and then print something on it .​
If you are imaginative with what you print, you may well be able to​ sell the 'new improved' t-shirt for $25/£15 .​
In fact, I​ have a​ friend that is​ doing this exact thing! He came up with a​ unique and original idea to​ print on t-shirts and now prints his own t-shirts using a​ home-made screen printing press (seriously, he got the instructions off the Internet and actually built a​ cheap press himself!) All of​ the t-shirts he sells are either black or​ blue and he only prints in​ white - a​ surprisingly simple idea but one that is​ proving to​ be fairly lucrative .​
Of course, it​ would be unfair to​ divulge exactly what he is​ printing on the t-shirts but there must be thousands of​ possibilities that haven't yet been thought of .​
There is​ many other 'arty' type things that you may be able to​ do if​ you have the necessary ability but even if​ you are not artistic, you shouldn't let that hold you back... .​
I often get emails from people asking where they can buy blank CD-Rs to​ resell .​
Fact is​ that the profit margin on blank CD-Rs is​ tiny (in fact, unless you can sell thousands and thousands every week, I​ wouldn't waste your time even looking at​ this market) HOWEVER, take a​ blank CD-R and put something of​ value on it​ and suddenly that disc is​ worth a​ whole lot more than it​ was blank .​
Of course, I​ am not talking about putting pirated material on the discs but how about digital products that you have either produced yourself or​ that you have purchased resale rights to? To give you some idea of​ how far you can go with this idea, I​ recently purchased a​ training course that was supplied on five CDs .​
The value of​ the CDs and cases was less than $2.00 but I​ paid over $800 for the course!
Why? Because I​ wanted the content .​
I​ knew that the content was far more valuable than the CDs themselves and I​ knew that they were going to​ help me increase my own businesses profits (which they did and I​ recouped my investment within a​ week of​ studying and acting on the course material) .​
Once you have identified an​ opportunity such as​ those outlined above (and there must be thousands and thousands of​ them), start thinking about how you can get someone else to​ do the work for you .​
The goal of​ a​ true entrepreneur should be to​ free up his/her time and use it​ to​ come up with new ideas or​ to​ promote existing ones - he/she shouldn't be sitting in​ the garage printing t-shirts!

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