Optimizing Your Web Page

Optimizing Your Web Page

Meta tags are not a​ magic solution. Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the​ header on a​ web page, after the​ title tag. Meta tags are contained in​ the​ HEAD section near the​ top of​ the​ page. Meta tags are HTML tags that help you control how some search engines may index your site, by using the​ keywords and​ descriptions you provide. a​ good question to​ ask is​ if​ meta tags are still necessary. Meta tags are useful in​ getting better listings in​ the​ search engines. the​ title, keyword and​ description meta tags are standard HTML tags and​ should be placed within the​ HEAD section of​ a​ Web page.

Some believe that HTML meta tags will bring you to​ the​ top of​ the​ search engine rankings. Many vendors of​ software that generates HTML will make use of​ their own custom Meta Tags to​ identify different pieces of​ information about the​ document. You can define your own search fields with HTML meta tags. While many search engines are placing more and​ more emphasis on the​ keywords used on your actual HTML page, some are still looking at​ your meta tags.

Everyone knows that to​ obtain high search engine rankings all you have to​ do is​ put the​ keywords that you want to​ rank high with into your meta tags, right. You know that keywords should go into your HTML title and​ meta tags, but did you know that you also need to​ place them in​ heading tags. the​ description meta tag explains your site's content and​ data, giving the​ search engines' robots and​ spiders a​ brief summary of​ your site. Use the​ keywords in​ the​ META tags in​ your ALT image description for​ a​ boost in​ some search engines. Being specific and​ accurate are the​ ingredients to​ success with keywords. at​ the​ present time, most search services extract keywords from the​ page text, but some services may use the​ keywords meta tag. It’s important not to​ repeat words in​ the​ description or​ keywords meta tags; Meta is​ not the​ only way to​ have your site seen by search engines. Keywords may be separated by a​ space or​ a​ comma or​ a​ comma followed by a​ space. Never, repeat the​ same word over and​ over in​ any single one of​ those places.

The meta description tag describes your site's content, giving search engines' spiders an​ accurate summary filled with multiple keywords. in​ search engine listings you see a​ title and​ a​ short description. Titles and​ Description tags are the​ most important meta-tags that search engines consider to​ determine relevancy. Try to​ always include your keywords within the​ description tags, if​ you can put the​ keywords near the​ beginning of​ the​ meta tag. We recommend keeping your description tag to​ 170 characters or​ less. Some services obtain descriptions from the​ text of​ the​ page, while other services use descriptions given in​ description meta tags. Just a​ few years ago, good META description and​ keyword tags were a​ ticket to​ success for​ many sites and​ many spammers. the​ Keyword and​ Description Meta Tags are the​ two principle META tags that search engines look for​ when indexing your website. the​ keyword, title, description tags, have been abused by many seo gurus, because of​ this many search engines do not pay attention to​ the​ meta tags.

Meta tags are used to​ provide structured data about data, similar in​ many ways to​ the​ information provided in​ traditional library catalogue records. Meta Tags are most commonly used to​ distinguish the​ keywords that are relevant to​ a​ page's content. the​ robots meta tags are used and​ respected by all major search engine robots. META Tags are still important today.

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