Optimizing Your Site With SEO

Optimizing Your Site With SEO

Optimizing Your Site with SEO
Search Engine Optimization is​ a​ way to​ get directories and search engines to​ give your web-site a​ better indexing position so that customers or​ anyone who is​ looking for your web-site can see it .​
The higher you​ are in​ the​ search engines and directories,​ the​ better chance you’ll have doing business on​ the​ internet.
Here are simple steps to​ optimize your web-site:
Step 1: Modify your web-site - This step includes adding optimized content to​ all pages in​ the​ website .​
Step 2: Add tags - Add or​ make changes to​ Meta tags,​ Title tags,​ H1 tags,​ H2 tags and alt tags for images,​ after keywords research .​
Step 3: Link building A,​
Website statistics monitoring and conversion tracking
There are offline tools that you​ can use to​ optimize your web site and it​ all involves your URL or​ your Web Domain name .​
I​ would put my web domain name on​ business cards,​ stationery,​ have a​ sign on​ my car,​ use bumper stickers or​ have tee shirts and coffee mugs made with the​ URL .​
I​ would do everything to​ advertise my web-site offline .​
This is​ called offline optimization of​ your web-site.
So web site optimization is​ both and online and offline deal .​
Online,​ you​ must use keywords to​ attract customers and get good search engine rankings and offline,​ you​ can advertise your URL to​ the​ public to​ get the​ to​ visit your web site.

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