Opportunities Are You Looking

Opportunities Are You Looking

There are many major companies today that are household names and icons in​ our 21st century society. Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and Amway to​ name a​ few very large and influential companies, which all started out with a​ simple idea or​ opportunity.

Where would we be today if​ these people had not taken the opportunity or​ idea and run with it, but failed to​ take the risk in​ starting their respective business or​ companies. We must realise that all of​ them started with a​ simple idea or​ opportunity, but they had one thing in​ common with each other, they disregarded the fear of​ RISK and set it​ aside and embraced faith, belief and optimism that just maybe something will happen if​ I have a​ go.

Not all opportunities that come along are immediately identifiable, but the people who succeed are usually those that have been looking. Their minds are a​ playground of​ active thoughts and possibilities, their eyes scan the landscape like eagles, and their noses can smell it​ out and can pinpoint an​ opportunity as​ quick as​ a​ wink.

You might think that all this is​ impossible to​ you, but that is​ the key, that you think it​ is​ impossible, therefore it​ is. The method that all great leaders and successful business entrepreneurs have in​ common is​ that they think and have productive positive thoughts all the time.

Initially a​ thought may start as​ a​ fledgling idea, something simple, but as​ you ponder more over it, seeing it​ from every angle it​ begins to​ take shape and have deeper meaning, to​ where you can jot it​ down or​ sketch it​ on a​ pad or​ computer, which can eventually emerge into an​ opportunity for growth and success.

I know a​ fellow who had an​ idea for a​ new golf putter. He had this idea burning in​ his heart for years, when one day out shopping with his Father and their wives, they slipped off for a​ cup of​ coffee, while the girls continued to​ shop. as​ the coffee was being served to​ the table he began to​ share this idea of​ the golf putter with his dad. His dad became interested and they began to​ sketch the idea onto a​ napkin, looking at​ it​ from all angles.

Only a​ short time later he met up with a​ friend for lunch and they were chatting small talk when he mentioned the putter. Remembering the sketch on the napkin, which was still in​ his wallet, he showed his friend. 'I know someone who can sketch this up on the computer and create a​ 3D image of​ it, if​ you like' his friend said. 'Wow, that'd be great' was his reply, and he left it​ at​ that. Some time later he heard from someone else, 'hey I've seen the 3D image of​ your putter, I like it​ and I know someone who could make up a​ prototype, if​ you like.' Sure my friend said.

Well this continues until next thing you know he has a​ real life version of​ this putter in​ his hand and a​ friend rings up and says, 'hey there's an​ expo on this week and I can get your new putter a​ place in​ the expo; what do you think?' Yeah that'd be great! And on the story goes to​ where he now has the putter endorsed with a​ well known golfing pro and the rest is​ history.

So are you looking for opportunity to​ change your life or​ your current situation? Are you sick of​ never having enough money to​ do whatever it​ is​ you desire to​ do? Then opportunity is​ waiting for you every day. it​ may be in​ the shape of​ a​ thought, a​ business opportunity or​ a​ partnership, buying and selling articles on online auctions like eBay, or​ unearthing an​ old dream or​ desire that you've carried for years.

Whatever it​ may be I guarantee that if​ you begin to​ engage focused thought toward what it​ is​ you really want to​ do, then you can accomplish anything.

Go put the kettle on, sit in​ your favourite chair and treat yourself to​ a​ cuppa and to​ thinking of​ exactly who you really would like to​ become. See it​ in​ your imagination, feel it, taste it​ and sense it​ and then allow your self to​ decide that this is​ really you, and GO FOR IT.


Opportunities Are You Looking

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