Online Shopping Sharing Your Finds With Friends

Online Shopping Sharing Your Finds With Friends

You just have to​ love Americans. We are talkative, sharing, boisterous, assistance orientated, outgoing, and​ a​ whole melting pot of​ comradely. We Email, text, blog, network, video, journal, write, visit and​ socialize ourselves to​ death. We share every experience be it​ personal, private public or​ otherwise. We find time to​ spend billions of​ dollars annually out there getting the​ best deals possible on thousands of​ Internet shopping portals. So, should it​ be of​ any surprise when someone comes along to​ give us yet another method to​ keep in​ touch and​ share our best deals?

Someone came along and​ added to​ the​ best way to​ shop online just because we are such a​ social society. They added a​ way to​ shop and​ share online with our friends. That’s right, StyleFeeder launched an​ online personal shopper that they feel is​ the​ ultimate best way to​ go shopping online with friends when you can’t do it​ together at​ the​ brick and​ mortar stores. There is​ now software available in​ beta at​ that is​ a​ highly interactive, smart shopping assistant that brings the​ social aspect of​ the​ in-store shopping experience to​ your personal computer.

The site combines unlimited shopping choices and​ an​ ability to​ connect live and​ on the​ spot with friends, fashion mavens and​ all other users. What this means is​ shopping friends can now have, get and​ share trusted advice for​ each other to​ make their best purchase decisions. Not only that, this personal entourage travels with shoppers across the​ web giving each person the​ ability to​ share their favorite online sites.

This program is​ just like hitting the​ storefronts with friends you can’t physically be together with during a​ shopping frenzy. Maybe you are all in​ different locations separated by time, distance or​ even latitudes but, you can still have the​ trusted interactivity to​ consult among the​ group about a​ big purchase about to​ be made. That’s right, the​ program has a​ built in​ chat feature that eliminates broken web links, lost or​ overlooked text messages and​ endless Email exchanges.

The program has its own database that searches a​ broad range of​ products spread out all over the​ Web – it’s almost like having one’s own personal boutique store filled with a​ customized choice of​ things an​ individual is​ guaranteed to​ love. Maybe you fashion sense (among friends) is​ considered out there, you know, unique but, you’re looking to​ get inspired by someone else that shares your freak flag. You can set up an​ exchange of​ opinions by clicking on the​ function “Style Twins”. You can match up with your inner circle or​ even with other style feeders from around the​ globe that actually have similar tastes. You can share between the​ clan what each has discovered and​ get ideas for​ the​ next purchase.

This program functionality allows you to​ store your favorite product choices, wish-list items and​ even gift ideas. it​ allows you to​ keep track of​ your personal web shopping activities. the​ home site allows everyone (with their simple to​ follow instructions) to​ incorporate the​ personal shopper sidebar onto their Web browser. Once installed, a​ person can access the​ program at​ any time they feel the​ need to​ contact a​ shopping companion by clicking on the​ “PS” icon.

Even celebrities use this program to​ share their personal tastes with fans. I can’t promise you that Elvis is​ out there but if​ someone with similar tastes is, you can add them to​ your tracking abilities by one click of​ the​ “Add to​ your Watchlist” function. it​ is​ literally a​ great way to​ tell each other about new or​ favorite products across a​ wide range of​ social and​ viral networks. the​ program connects shopping comrades’ and​ products to​ the​ ones we love and​ trust while sharing tastes and​ interests. So check it​ out and​ add the​ function of​ 24 hour social networking onto your computer, blog, newsletter or​ webpage.

Online Shopping Sharing Your Finds With Friends

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