Online Shopping Mall Tips Choose The Right Fragrance For You

Online Shopping Mall Tips Choose The Right Fragrance For You

If you've searched far and​ wide for​ that perfect fragrance at​ an​ affordable price, you might want to​ go just one step further to​ an​ online shopping mall. On the​ Web, you can find hundreds of​ great brand name fragrances at​ very affordable prices. But, before you go shopping for​ a​ fragrance at​ an​ online shopping mall, you must know which fragrance best complements you. Here are some great tips for​ finding the​ perfect fragrance.

Understanding Fragrances and​ their Scents

If you walk into a​ department store and​ smell several fragrances, please remember that the​ scent will likely be different once you take a​ fragrance out of​ the​ store. Why is​ this? Fragrance scents tend to​ blend with others in​ the​ store. Also, the​ fragrance has been in​ one environment with a​ constant temperature and​ humidity level. When you take the​ fragrance home, you are introducing it​ to​ a​ whole new environment. Therefore, the​ scent might be stronger or​ weaker than in​ the​ store.

Fragrance compounds in​ the​ perfume or​ cologne also play major roles in​ how well the​ fragrance will suit you. These compounds evaporate at​ different rates, making each brand of​ perfume or​ cologne unique.

Fragrances and​ Skin Types

Each fragrance will produce a​ different scent on various types of​ skin. for​ example, a​ fragrance that smells wonderful on your friend may not blend well with your skin type. Each skin type varies in​ the​ level of​ oil; some skin is​ always oily and​ some is​ always dry. Those with dry skin might also use lots of​ lotion on their skin, which can also affect the​ scent of​ a​ fragrance. What a​ person eats and​ drinks, the​ environment where they live, and​ scents that they are around most often can all play a​ role in​ how a​ fragrance will smell on their skin.

Test the​ Fragrance before Visiting the​ Online Shopping Mall

With this in​ mind, you should try out a​ fragrance on your skin for​ around a​ week to​ be sure it's the​ right one for​ you. First, visit a​ local fragrance retailer in​ your area to​ try out two or​ three fragrances on parts of​ your body that are far from each other. Try one fragrance on each hand and​ maybe one on your upper arm. Next, walk out of​ the​ store, even outdoors, and​ smell each fragrance on your arm and​ hands separately to​ get an​ idea of​ what each will smell like outside of​ the​ store. Just remember which one is​ which!

When you've picked the​ fragrance you like the​ most, visit your online shopping mall to​ buy the​ fragrance at​ a​ discount. Then, you can test it​ out for​ a​ week or​ so to​ be sure it's the​ right one - without spending a​ fortune.

Brand Name Fragrances

Don't be afraid to​ try out some famous brand name fragrances such as​ Chanel, Cartier, Capucci or​ Britney Spears. You'll be surprised at​ the​ prices of​ these when visiting an​ online discount shopping mall. the​ reason fragrances are so inexpensive at​ online malls is​ because many of​ them are selling fragrances at​ or​ near wholesale prices. the​ items are drop shipped from manufacturers so overhead costs are minimal for​ the​ retailer. Many of​ them even offer eBay dropship opportunities where fragrances can be bought and​ sold through online auctions at​ amazingly low prices!

Buying fragrances at​ a​ shopping center online mall is​ just like having your own fragrance warehouse at​ your fingertips. You never have to​ leave your home to​ buy your favorite fragrance once you find the​ perfect one for​ you. Online shopping malls offer many brands at​ great prices, so you can save money and​ find sweet-smelling fragrances whenever you want.

Online Shopping Mall Tips Choose The Right Fragrance For You

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