Online Shopping Fraud Prevention Tips

Online Shopping Fraud Prevention Tips

Online Shopping Fraud Prevention Tips
Nervous about shopping online because of​ concerns about credit card fraud? Here are a​ few tips to​ help you shop wisely and​ protect yourself:
1 .​
Talk to​ your bank or​ credit card company and​ arrange for​ a​ separate, low limit credit card to​ use exclusively for​ online purchases .​
This will give you some peace of​ mind in​ case your card information is​ compromised as​ the​ fraudulent amount would only total a​ few hundred dollars rather than thousands of​ dollars .​
Remember though, you are not financially responsible for​ fraudulent charges in​ most cases (check your credit card terms).
2 .​
Review your credit card terms .​
Most companies do not hold you financially accountable for​ fraudulent charges .​
If you do notice fraud charges, contact your credit card company immediately .​
They will freeze your account from further purchases as​ well as​ remove the​ charges from your account .​
You will have to​ sign affidavits that the​ charges were not yours and​ are indeed criminally charged on your account.
3 .​
Use your credit card online rather than a​ debit card that is​ attached to​ your bank account .​
Although the​ money in​ your bank account is​ normally protected against fraudulent charges as​ well, it​ can take a​ few weeks for​ your bank to​ reimburse your account .​
There is​ paper work involved and​ you'll need to​ sign affidavits.
Since your living expenses still need to​ be paid while you're waiting for​ your money to​ be returned, having an​ empty banking account only adds stress to​ an​ already stressful situation.
4 .​
Consider using an​ online financial service such as​ .​
When you use PayPal, online merchants don't have access to​ your credit card information .​
Since PayPal transactions require you to​ login and​ confirm each purchase, this can reduce the​ risk of​ fraudulent charges .​
PayPal also has a​ Buyer Protection policy in​ place.
5 .​
Before entering any confidential information online (such as​ your credit card information), make sure the​ connection is​ secure by looking at​ your browser's address bar .​
The url should start with https:// rather than just (notice there is​ an​ 'S' with the​ secure connection) .​
Also look for​ a​ small yellow padlock symbol in​ the​ browser's status bar at​ the​ bottom .​
This yellow padlock symbolizes a​ secure connection.
Shopping online can provide you with a​ much greater selection of​ goods and​ save you money with all the​ price cuts and​ deals one finds online .​
By shopping smart on the​ internet, you can help keep the​ shopping experience a​ pleasant one.

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