Online Shopping Even Safer With Visa Verified Accounts

Online Shopping Even Safer With Visa Verified Accounts

Despite the​ fact that the​ financial institution responsible for​ issuing you a​ credit card protects your card against unauthorized use in​ various ways such as​ one being the​ three-digit code called a​ Card Verification Value (CVV) located on the​ rear of​ the​ card adjacent to​ the​ signature line, you can now add an​ additional layer of​ security to​ protect you online transactions. This convenient new program is​ a​ service known as​ Verified by Visa. This program protects Visa credit and​ check cards by allowing cardholders to​ add a​ personal password to​ their card – at​ no cost – for​ added security while shopping online.

A verified by Visa password helps one ensure that only you (the card owner) can use your Visa card to​ make a​ personal online product or​ service purchase. No, your not required to​ register your Visa card in​ this program however, if​ you do not participate in​ the​ verified by Visa program you may not be permitted to​ use your card at​ online stores that do participate in​ the​ program. Participating stores may prompt you during the​ order process to​ either (1) immediately register or​ (2) request you pay for​ your order by selecting another payment method.

There are two ways to​ register your Visa credit or​ check card. You can register at​ any time by visiting You will be asked to​ enter your card number and​ additional identifying information. a​ fast ID verification will take place and​ you will subsequently be requested to​ create a​ personal password. the​ second way to​ register is​ when initiating a​ purchase with a​ online verified by Visa merchant. Just as​ before, you will be asked to​ enter card details and​ additional identifying information. a​ quick ID verification takes place and​ you create a​ personal password. Once the​ process is​ completed, you are returned to​ the​ merchant site to​ finalize the​ sale.

Verified by Visa is​ designed to​ protect the​ Visa card(s) you already have. the​ password you create must be 6-10 characters in​ length and​ must include at​ least one number and​ at​ least one letter. You do have options to​ change the​ password you selected for​ your Visa credit card by visiting their site already mentioned or​ by calling 1-888-918-7490 for​ a​ re-registration. Or, if​ you bank online, go to​ the​ Personal Account Manager, access “Manage Your Profile” and​ select “Change Your Password” or, call the​ institute you favor to​ bank with. if​ after establishing your password you forget the​ number, click on “Change Your Password” or​ call Visa or​ your banking institution.

You don’t have to​ use your verified by Visa password when you use the​ card at​ a​ brick and​ mortar establishment; it’s only required when conducting transactions online at​ participating merchant sites. the​ verified by Visa will work with Internet Explorer 5x and​ up, Netscape 6.2 and​ up and​ AOL 7 and​ 8 Internet browsers. if​ you use your verified by Visa card at​ an​ online merchant that does not participate in​ the​ program, your online purchase would be processed as​ before, without requiring entry of​ your verified by Visa password. You use your verified by Visa card to​ shop with added safety from any computer that has Internet access because security is​ linked to​ your card, not your computer.

The Verified by Visa service is​ available for​ all Visa accounts for​ the​ cards issued in​ the​ United States. for​ additional or​ up-to-date information about this program visit the​ Visa site or​ your card issuer. as​ you know Visa protects you against unauthorized purchases and​ with Verified by Visa, this is​ your added ability to​ help prevent unauthorized purchases before they even happen.

Online Shopping Even Safer With Visa Verified Accounts

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