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I've been buying things on the​ Internet for​ many years now .​
I​ realized a​ long time ago that I​ would always get better deals on whatever kind of​ product or​ service I​ was interested in​ by purchasing from websites rather than bricks and​ mortar stores .​
The obvious reason is​ that it​ takes far less money to​ operate a​ web store than a​ real store, so most website retailers are able to​ offer their products for​ prices that you would never see at​ the​ mall .​
In addition, I​ can get even better deals just by using online shopping coupons whenever I​ make a​ purchase.
Online shopping coupons work just like the​ regular ones people usually clip out of​ the​ Sunday paper .​
They either come directly from the​ manufacturer or​ from the​ web store and​ are used to​ lower the​ total price of​ your order .​
One major difference, however, is​ that it​ often takes a​ bit of​ work to​ uncover online shopping coupons .​
But the​ total savings definitely adds up, so I​ don't mind having to​ perform several extra Internet searches to​ find applicable online shopping coupons .​
At least I've gotten to​ the​ point where I​ go through the​ same routine each time, so the​ process has sped up some .​
Here's what I​ do.
First, I​ check out special websites that are dedicated to​ uncovering online shopping coupons .​
These websites usually get updated on a​ daily basis and​ feature searchable databases that allow users to​ find the​ latest deals offered by popular retail sites .​
I​ simply enter the​ name of​ the​ website that I'm planning to​ order from (for example, or​ and​ then see if​ those stores have recently put out any online shopping coupons .​
I​ can almost always find a​ coupon for​ at​ least 10% off an​ order, and​ as​ I​ said before, that starts to​ add up after a​ while .​
But if​ this technique doesn't yield any results, I​ go on to​ the​ next step.
The second thing I'll try is​ to​ Google the​ name of​ the​ specific manufacturer of​ the​ product I​ want to​ buy, along with an​ appropriate search query .​
This should turn up any online shopping coupons offered by the​ manufacturer, which will allows me to​ enjoy the​ savings no matter which store I​ actually buy from .​
If neither of​ those steps gives me any online shopping coupons that I​ can use, I'll just go directly to​ the​ retail websites themselves and​ see which ones have special sales .​
Usually, one or​ more of​ the​ bigger Internet retailers has some kind of​ deal, such as​ free shipping or​ something similar that might not even require the​ use of​ online shopping coupons.
All in​ all, I​ rarely ever make an​ Internet purchase without taking advantage of​ online shopping coupons .​
And as​ more and​ more manufacturers and​ websites issue online shopping coupons to​ attract customers, there are even more chances to​ save .​
Don't spend more money than you have to: use a​ coupon the​ next time you buy on the​ Internet.

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