Online Shopping Boom

Online Shopping Boom

Online shopping boom
The expansion of​ the​ online retail market is​ evident again this week as​ figures for​ 2018 were released .​
UK consumers bought £8.2bn ($14.3bn) of​ goods from websites last year – a​ 28.9% increase in​ internet marketing over 2004, according to​ market analysts Verdict .​
In cash terms that means shoppers spent an​ extra £1.8bn online in​ 2018 .​

Verdict says the​ figures show internet shopping is​ closing in​ on the​ £9.4bn spent in​ department stores in​ 2018 .​
Its retail analyst, Nick Gladding, said online shopping was now a​ formidable competitor to​ the​ High Street as​ it​ allowed people to​ do the​ work from home, searching the​ web for​ the​ best value and​ service.
A quarter of​ all UK buyers now shop on the​ internet, for​ goods and​ services, as​ the​ online shopping community grew by 25.5% to​ 14.6 million people between 2004 and​ 2018 .​
the​ surge in​ e-retail means online shopping is​ now winning its biggest-ever slice of​ the​ UK retail market .​
Overall UK retail sales grew by just 1.5% in​ 2018 - the​ slowest rate since the​ early 1960s.
In its e-market 2018 report Verdict says internet marketing enables customers to​ shop at​ times to​ suit them .​
With many more people working from home, the​ pattern of​ high street shopping has changed .​
One of​ the​ biggest growth sectors in​ online shopping is​ among the​ over-50s, with numbers almost doubling to​ 2.7 million users between 2004 and​ 2018 .​
the​ amount spent by this sector rose 46.7% to​ an​ average £458 per head .​
The report comes a​ month after a​ report from e-commerce trade body IMRG said online shopping among UK consumers soared almost 50% in​ the​ 10 weeks before Christmas .​
Shoppers spent £4.98bn online during the​ period, compared with £3.3bn for​ the​ same time a​ year earlier.
Online shoppers need great customer service as​ they can easily click on to​ another retailer who serves them better .​
To keep these clients, website owners must use the​ right advertising media and​ launch regular email marketing campaigns .​
Online marketers can get unbiased advice from dedicated niche websites .​
the​ top home based businesses are giving online shoppers what they need: building a​ relationship, giving excellent service and​ following up with their customers .​
Many offline businesses face huge change to​ retain the​ modern consumer against this new competition.

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