Online Nursing Schools The Alternative To On Campus Education

Online Nursing Schools The Alternative To On Campus Education

For the thousands of​ people who dream of​ wearing that white uniform, but can't enter a​ program due to​ time or​ budget constraints, consider yourself enrolling in​ an​ online nursing school. There are a​ plethora of​ online nursing schools available.

1. About Online Education

Online nursing schools have made their way to​ the forefront of​ education by helping an​ unimaginable number of​ people have unprecedented access to​ courses they were previously, due to​ their geographical location, unable to​ pursue. Online nursing schools specifically have changed the lives of​ over 30, 000 students by providing them with a​ new career in​ various locations coast to​ coast, such as

- Columbus
- San Antonio
- Milwaukee
- Memphis
- Orlando
- Kansas
- Chicago Loop
- Chicago West
- San Francisco
- Las Vegas
- Nashville
- Madison
- Tampa
- Minneapolis
- Cincinnati
- Dallas
- Forth Worth
- Indianapolis
- San Jose
- Phoenix
- Houston
- Salt Lake City
- St. Louis
- Raleigh
- Denver
- Tempe

2. Benefits of​ Online Nursing Schools

Online nursing schools provide education for people who find it​ hard to​ enroll in​ a​ campus-based nursing school which is​ accessible and convenient for transportation. They provide comprehensive programs such as:

- Public health and safety
- Medical administrative services
- Medical and health professions
- Mental health services
- Therapeutic rehabilitation
- Medical assisting business
- Nurse assistance
- Patient care assistant

3. Occupations

Today, nursing is​ the biggest health care occupation in​ the world. it​ entails salaries which are noted to​ be at​ above average, and a​ higher rate for those advanced practice nurses with additional training and education.

One of​ the few trademarks these online nursing school is​ known for is​ developing an​ outstanding professional knowledge and skills for future working registered nurses. They’re going to​ make great nurses out of​ plain people. Theoretically, online nursing schools’ standard curriculum is​ focused mainly on the studies of​ the different sciences of​ nursing like social sciences, physical science and biological science. Online nursing schools also aim to​ develop and hone the intellectual and social aspects required for optimal client care as​ well as​ the cultural aspects of​ a​ professional nurse. The essential components of​ liberal arts is​ one solid foundation of​ all online nursing schools.

4. Types of​ Degrees

I. Associate Degree in​ Nursing or​ ADN

A program which helps you develop registered nursing (RN) care in​ numerous given settings.

II. Bachelor of​ Science in​ Nursing or​ BSN

The baccalaureate degree you’ll get in​ 4 years time. Aside from helping you provide RN care, this degree will move you up to​ leadership and administrative positions. Online nursing schools’ BSN programs are modified to​ enhance the development of​ each students’ professional knowledge and skills of​ registered nurses who are working. BSN Program, however, will require one to​ have thirty six (36) nursing core and a​ 3 credit integration. Upon fulfillment of​ this course study, students get a​ worth of​ 120-semester credit minimum requirement for the said degree.

III. Masters Entry Level Program in​ Nursing

This online nursing school program is​ for students with baccalaureate degree in​ another field and still want to​ become registered nurses. Usually, this program will take 1 or​ 2 years to​ finish it, but it​ will depend on the curriculum of​ the online nursing school you are in. Most online nursing schools requires a​ number of​ course pre-requisite you should complete. Upon graduation, students become registered nurses and earns a​ master degree.

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