Online Game And Social Networking

Online Game and​ Social Networking
uVme brings together Online Gaming, Social Networking, and​ Web 2.0 in​ an​ exciting new format for​ network marketing .​
These three areas have been the​ fastest growing, most intriguing aspects of​ how the​ Internet has evolved in​ recent years, even as​ it​ continues to​ grow at​ an​ astounding rate worldwide with the​ explosion of​ Internet cafes .​
In fact, Internet cafes are said to​ bring 30 to​ 40% of​ their revenues from online gaming .​
But online gaming, particularly skill games, is​ only one of​ three truly revolutionary and​ dynamic aspects of​ the​ new Internet economy.
Social Networking has become an​ international phenomenon with MySpace and​ Facebook attracting literally tens of​ millions of​ people .​
As social networking technology continues to​ mature and​ social networks themselves become more and​ more specialized to​ appeal to​ those with particular interests, it​ makes sense that social networking and​ online gaming would eventually come together somehow .​
Social networking relies upon the​ Web 2.0 model of​ content creation to​ really take off and​ fly.
Web 2.0, as​ it​ is​ called, is​ simply user-generated content .​
The best example of​ Web 2.0 out there today is​ the​ video-sharing web site YouTube .​
Web 2.0 companies produce very little of​ their own content, allowing the​ users themselves to​ create the​ bulk of​ their content .​
In a​ way, this has allowed the​ Internet economy to​ take off like a​ wild horse! Another benefit of​ Web 2.0 is​ affiliate marketing, allowing users to​ create their own web sites and​ content to​ sell products and​ services created by a​ third party .​
This has become a​ great way for​ a​ people all over the​ world to​ take advantage of​ the​ global reach of​ the​ Internet while allowing them to​ work from home .​
So how does uVme take advantage of​ social networking, online gaming, and​ the​ Web 2.0 effect? One hint is​ in​ the​ name of​ the​ company itself: uVme .​
It stands for​ You vs .​
Me in​ an​ online skill game .​
One user challenges another in​ a​ social network setting through the​ use of​ instant messaging to​ compete in​ an​ online game.
To truly take advantage of​ what the​ new Internet has to​ offer, though, the​ third leg of​ the​ Web’s tripod must be taken into consideration: affiliate marketing .​
The co-founders of​ uVme, Tom Brodie and​ Len Fitzgerald, are no strangers to​ affiliate marketing success on the​ Web .​
They created the​ popular VWD network in​ 2002; it​ now boasts over 160,000 members .​
Over the​ last five years VWD has paid out millions in​ commissions, and​ has a​ sterling reputation for​ always paying on time .​
With this background, the​ co-founders of​ uVme expect even greater success for​ themselves as​ well as​ those who sign up .​
a​ revenue share model allows members to​ tap into the​ economies of​ scale created by a​ large network, resulting in​ a​ constant stream of​ income .​
Affiliate marketing is​ a​ totally legitimate marketing and​ sales tool used by the​ largest online retailers, such as​
uVme is​ an​ online skill gaming network that creates an​ unparalleled social networking situation based on games, and​ therefore a​ potentially vast pool of​ revenues to​ share.

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