Online Flower Shops Compete For Web Traffic With Partners

Online Flower Shops Compete For Web Traffic With Partners

The top online flower shops make up nearly half the​ market for​ site traffic in​ the​ weeks leading up to​ Mothers Day as​ lesser known flower shops find other ways to​ keep up.

As recently reported on, the​ top online flowers sellers had the​ most online visits for​ flowers and​ gifts according to​ internet traffic monitoring service Hitwise.

Capturing the​ number 1 spot, flower seller had over 18% of​ all visits to​ flower and​ gift sites for​ the​ week ending Mother’s Day. held claim to​ second place with nearly 14% of​ all visits, followed by with better than 10% of​ all visits. the​ fourth place finisher, made up 2.26% of​ all visits with finishing in​ fifth place with 0.86%.

Hitwise also reported that share of​ site traffic was 7.5 times greater then it​ was two weeks earlier in​ the​ build up in​ anticipation of​ Mothers Day.

What accounts for​ such dominance by the​ top flower shops can be chalk up to​ strong marketing and​ traditional print and​ television advertising. the​ top flower sellers are increasing their brand awareness with consumers with traditional commercial advertising usually dominated by brick and​ mortar retailers, especially around holidays like Mothers Day, Valentines Day and​ Easter.

In the​ weeks leading up to​ Mothers Day many consumers saw and​ run commercials just for​ Mothers Day. Using television advertising 1-800-Flowers and​ the​ like will most likely give online consumers and​ instant brand or​ URL to​ search for​ as​ they go online to​ buy flowers.

Some of​ the​ smaller retailers don’t have the​ same marketing budgets as​ the​ top tier retailers do and​ will struggle to​ compete without other aggressive marketing strategies. With out devising or​ incorporating other marketing plans many of​ the​ top flower shops will likely continue to​ increase their market share as​ more and​ more shoppers embrace the​ web as​ their preferred shopping medium.

With hundreds of​ floral shopping sites online many online floral shop owners are taking steps to​ broaden their customer base by partnering with related floral theme internet sites to​ help drive traffic to​ their sites.

Online stores are embracing partner sites as​ a​ new marketing channel to​ help increase traffic, exposure and​ drive sales. Some of​ these partner sites come in​ the​ form of​ blogs, coupon sites, and​ review sites and​ newsletters distributors.

Counting on the​ various partner sites to​ drive traffic and​ consumer interest provides the​ flower retailers, big or​ small, an​ opportunity to​ give consumers a​ way to​ see other money saving deals that exits online. as​ flower retailers take advantage of​ the​ traffic generated by partner sites they can look forward to​ not only more traffic but increased profits which is​ the​ ultimate aim.

As the​ number of​ online flower shop sites continues to​ expand, finding ways for​ smaller flower shops to​ drive traffic to​ stay competitive will come in​ the​ form of​ an​ increasing number partner sites. Ultimately the​ competition to​ drive more traffic between flower shops online will lead to​ better discount deals for​ consumers.

Online Flower Shops Compete For Web Traffic With Partners

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