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So I​ was typing this long and drawn out email to​ my father the other day .​
It was basically a​ quick update of​ what's going on in​ my house-hold .​
You know the routine .​
You talk about what the kids are up to, how work is​ going, and bla bla bla .​
It was probably around four paragraphs long when I​ was finished .​
Then came the bad part .​
I​ accidentally sent it​ to​ a​ number of​ email addresses .​
Why, you may ask? Because I​ was responding to​ a​ joke email my father had sent me and it​ was also one he sent to​ a​ whole slew of​ acquaintances .​
I​ guess I​ shouldn't have hit REPLY ALL .​
That's never a​ good feeling .​
None of​ us want to​ spill our guts to​ a​ large crowd .​
Ah, the joys of​ online email accounts .​
I​ will admit that they're a​ great deal more convenient and quick than tangible letters are, but then again, this would have never happened with a​ paper letter .​
There's still something to​ be said about the old-school method .​
How long have you used online email accounts? Now, can you imagine how many emails you've sent regarding business and pleasure over the years? It's probably more than you can fathom .​
This has certainly become a​ part of​ our daily regimens .​
It's difficult to​ imagine life without them at​ this point .​
Even though we all got along fine for many years prior .​
I​ can still recall the very first time I​ got an​ email account .​
It was with my Internet service, so it​ was basically one of​ the ones that you pay for .​
It was fairly decent as​ far as​ online email accounts go .​
However, it​ didn't take me long to​ realize that there were free ones out there as​ well .​
Yahoo, MSN, and a​ few others were pretty well-known .​
I​ guess you could say I​ was not too computer/Internet savvy at​ the time .​
However, I​ soon switched to​ hotmail when I​ dumped my Internet service for another .​
This free online email account appeared to​ have the same advantages as​ the one I​ had been paying for .​
What's your current online email account? Are you fully satisfied with this service, or​ do you wish it​ had more space to​ send pictures, files, ect? Well, fortunately there are many other email accounts to​ pick and choose from if​ you aren't happy .​
One thing is​ for certain, you practically need a​ reliable one to​ get along in​ the cyber-age of​ chaos and convenience .​

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