Online Education Is Not Right For You

Online Education Is Not Right For You

Probably the greatest benefit of​ online education is​ the incredible convenience that it​ offers. You can do your schoolwork and studying based on your schedule. No more 8am classes, no more 4-hour lectures.

This obviously has huge implications for students who have jobs, a​ family to​ take care of, or​ both. Instead of​ trying to​ juggle your classes around a​ 9-to-5 job or​ your son's soccer practice, distance learning gives you the flexibility to​ take your classes when you can fit them in.

Although earning a​ degree through online education brings many advantages, you may not suit for this type of​ education mode. Online education is​ not right for you if​ you are group under these categories:


You Are a​ Social Butterfly

If you are a​ social butterfly who flourishes when others are around, attending an​ online course may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you are quiet and reserved, online education can be your ticket to​ success.



You tend to​ quit a​ project due to​ lack of​ motivation

If you can not stay motivated on your own, an​ online institution is​ not your best choice for getting a​ degree. to​ be success as​ an​ online student, you must be able to​ self-motivate, and complete projects or​ assignment to​ meet your preset schedule.



You like to​ listen to​ lecture instead of​ reading it

In online learning environment, you are expected to​ master material through reading alone. Although some online courses offer video recordings and audio clips, most programs require that students understand a​ large amount of​ information that is​ only available through written text. Hence, if​ your way of​ learning is​ better with listening to​ the lectures and taking notes, then traditional class-based courses will suit you better.



You are not interest in​ surfing internet

Although, many people are surfing internet everyday, but some are surfing internet just because they do to​ search for information and they feel surfing internet is​ not a​ fun but a​ need, when there is​ no need, they will stay away from internet. if​ you are in​ this group, online education may not right for you because online courses require you to​ understand more than just how to​ log onto the Internet. You need to​ know how to​ use chat rooms, message boards, forums and instant messaging.

You find hard in​ learning of​ new computer programs


Depending on the online course you take, you may need to​ download new software programs. if​ you find it​ difficult to​ learn new computer technology, you'll need to​ either set aside more time for learning, or​ take a​ traditional class.

You do not like to​ arrange you own schedule of​ study

You prefer to​ follow a​ fix and pre-arrange schedule for your study. The freedom of​ working at​ your own schedule may cause you to​ put off your assignments or​ wait until the last moment to​ write your papers.

In Summary

Remember that online learning is​ not for everyone and, while it​ is​ an​ excellent choice for some, others will always struggle with learning independently. if​ after comparing your personality and habits, online degree is​ not right for you, then traditional classes should be your better option.

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