Online Comparison Shopping Made Even Easier

Online Comparison Shopping Made Even Easier

Online Comparison Shopping Made Even Easier
Jane is​ a​ value conscious shopper .​
She is​ always looking to​ compare prices before buying any product .​
One day, she walks into a​ local retailer pricing out digital cameras .​
She writes down several camera model numbers so she can go online later that evening to​ see if​ she can find it​ cheaper elsewhere .​
Later that evening, Jane spends two or​ three hours surfing the​ Internet before she finds the​ camera she likes at​ the​ price she is​ willing to​ pay.
Sound familiar?
Imagine if​ Jane could just call a​ phone number, punch in​ the​ UPC code of​ the​ camera, and​ wait a​ few seconds while a​ database searches the​ Internet to​ compare prices for​ her .​
Imagine if​ she could then buy the​ camera right there on the​ spot .​
Sounds like a​ future technological advancement, doesn’t it? Not quite the​ future; it’s already here.
Online shopping has made it​ easier for​ consumers to​ get what they want, whenever they want it​ at​ the​ prices they want .​
Every major brick and​ mortar retailer now has a​ presence online not including the​ smaller, more specialized retailers located around the​ world .​
However, the​ vast array of​ online retailers can make it​ difficult for​ consumers to​ find the​ products they are looking for​ at​ the​ most affordable price .​
In addition, consumers do not have time to​ spend hours in​ front of​ their computers scouring across Internet looking for​ products .​
Consumers are demanding a​ better, more efficient and​ less cumbersome way to​ compare and​ buy products online .​
Frucall has stepped up to​ the​ challenge and​ has introduced a​ new way to​ compare prices online .​
Frucall is​ a​ new, innovative service that enables consumers to​ compare products online using their mobile phones .​
This alleviates the​ valuable time spent trying to​ accomplish the​ same thing in​ front of​ a​ computer .​
In today’s increasingly connected world, everyone has a​ mobile phone with them at​ all times which makes the​ Frucall service so attractive .​

Here is​ how Frucall works .​
Customers first sign up online for​ their free account .​
In their profile, they store their mobile phone number and​ optional credit card information .​
Then, when they are shopping at​ the​ mall, they simply call the​ toll free phone number and​ type in​ the​ UPC code of​ the​ product of​ interest .​
In seconds, the​ Frucall service will return the​ results and​ customers can choose to​ buy the​ product right there on the​ spot, or​ add it​ to​ their shopping cart, or​ bookmark it​ for​ later review .​
It’s that easy.
At the​ present time Frucall’s service only queries because that’s currently the​ only service that allows Web Services queries .​
However, that will change as​ additional online retailers allow Web Services queries.
The ability to​ do online comparison shopping through a​ mobile phone is​ a​ captivating concept whose time has definitely come .​
In a​ world where so many of​ our daily activities are performed with a​ mobile phone, the​ Frucall service takes its capabilities one step further .​
if​ you are a​ busy consumer that values convenience and​ services that are helpful in​ saving you time, then Frucall is​ exactly what you need .​
You have nothing to​ lose and​ everything to​ gain from using the​ Frucall service.

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