Online Comparison Shopping At Christmas

Online Comparison Shopping At Christmas

Credit can often be the​ first thing we think of​ at​ Christmas, whether it’s taking out a​ personal loan, credit card or​ simply the​ extension of​ an​ overdraft. However, saving money at​ Christmas isn’t just a​ matter of​ searching for​ the​ best personal finance product. This article gives you a​ few tips on how to​ make the​ most of​ the​ internet for​ your Christmas shopping.

Tip number one: get your credit sorted first

Most of​ us will borrow money this Christmas – whether that’s through a​ personal loan, credit card or​ simply moving further into our overdraft. However, as​ you may be aware – personal finance products vary enormously and​ it’s worth making sure you have the​ best personal loan before you start spending it, likewise when you conduct a​ credit card search, you want to​ ensure that what you’ve offered is​ the​ best deal. Bear in​ mind that even internet promotions bear geographical significance. for​ example – if​ you live in​ the​ UK – the​ search term “Credit Card UK” is​ likely to​ give a​ much more relevant result than simply “Credit Card”, which will take your search out to​ global credit card sites – the​ same applies to​ a​ personal loan search.

Tip number two:

Use the​ search engines and​ price comparison sites. Search engines can be very helpful, but they function on technical sorting – rather than human sorting. Sometimes websites such as​ and​ lowermybills can save you the​ time of​ sifting through lots of​ irrelevant sites – as​ they have dedicated teams which comb the​ financial press and​ short list the​ best consumer deals.

Tip number three:

Set yourself up with online bank accounts. There has been lots of​ press about consumer concern of​ online security, yet the​ reality is​ that 1) online security for​ shopping and​ banking is​ extremely robust and​ 2) your money is​ as​ safe online as​ it​ is​ anywhere else – fraud exists at​ all transaction points – not just those on the​ internet. Online bank accounts can save you bank charges when you’re transferring money and​ you can track your finances throughout the​ Christmas period, regardless of​ whether the​ banks are open or​ not. With online banking, your finances are accessible 24 hours a​ day, seven days a​ week.

Tip number four:

Make a​ list of​ what you intend to​ buy people and​ then conduct some price comparison research online. Websites such as​ Kelkoo, Ciao and​ PriceRunner can help you source the​ lowest price for​ what you’re looking for, but you may find that some online retailers can beat their bricks and​ mortar counterparts anyway. for​ example, Amazon and​ eBay have gained huge popularity because they’re easy to​ buy from and​ they give significant discounts over the​ High Street.

When you buy online – you also have more choice than what’s available in​ your high street. Online specialists such as​ CCL - a​ computer specialist ( ), Stand & Deliver - audio visual furniture, Crave – a​ maternity fashion site, the​ Christmas Hamper Store ( ) and​ headSpun – an​ online music merchandise store allow you shop for​ your entire family, without you leaving the​ house. This saves you shoe leather, shopping queues, car park fees, heavy bags and​ you don’t have to​ be sneaky about buying things when the​ kids aren’t looking!

The diversity of​ online retail stores takes the​ emotional strain out of​ Christmas shopping. Even traditional high-street favourites, such as​ H Samuel, have their own online store, as​ traditional gifts such as​ watches ( ) and​ collectibles remain popular, despite the​ emergence of​ techno-gifts like the​ iPod or​ latest Sony Ericsson multimedia mobile phone.

A lot of​ sites have very modest delivery charges and​ sometimes these are waived completely under special conditions. in​ addition, providing you’re not doing your online shopping on Christmas Eve – delivery services are usually very quick. for​ example, pledges to​ despatch toys on the​ same day as​ the​ order, providing the​ order is​ placed before 3pm. This site in​ particular has enjoyed the​ benefits of​ adults returning to​ their youth, with increased sales of​ retro-toys such as​ the​ New Series Radio Controlled Dalek.

If you have any concerns about (or problems with) an​ online retailer, the​ vast majority have customer help lines – which are either free or​ charged at​ local rate, or​ there is​ an​ e-mail address for​ sales queries. in​ essence – online retailing has become so secure and​ sophisticated now, why isn’t everyone doing their Christmas shopping online?

Credit information for​ Christmas:

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