Online Colleges Gain Popularity Among New Graduates

Online Colleges Gain Popularity Among New Graduates

With the rise of​ the Internet and the opportunities it​ now provides, a​ new type of​ college student is​ quickly emerging, making a​ big splash on the college scene. Imagine being able to​ earn a​ college degree without ever attending a​ traditional classroom!

A wealth of​ colleges and universities have now gone online, enabling college students both young and old to​ earn an​ associates, bachelors, masters or​ even a​ PhD degree online. Or, you can simply take a​ few classes to​ help learn a​ new subject or​ to​ complete a​ diploma or​ certificate.

Online Degrees for Both High School Grads and Professionals
When you think of​ online colleges and universities, you may assume that it​ is​ an​ educational option mainly for busy professionals or​ older people who want to​ go back to​ school. But online college degrees are becoming more popular with recent high school and college graduates ready to​ take the next step in​ their educational advancement.

Here are three great reasons for new graduates to​ consider earning their degree online:

Conveniently Scheduled Classes on Your Time
Traditional campus-based undergraduate and graduate college courses are scheduled anywhere from early morning to​ late evening. Trudging back and forth across campus due to​ a​ staggered schedule, or​ trying to​ schedule your classes around a​ part-time job or​ an​ internship can be overwhelming. But an​ accredited online college can work with you, offering most, if​ not all of​ your classes online with various time options available for you to​ choose from. Take your classes when it’s most convenient for you from the comfort of​ your own home.

Learn at​ Your Own Pace
At an​ accredited online college, you set the pace of​ your studies and determine the sequence and style of​ learning that is​ right for you. This helps develop time management skills and means less stress for you since you are on your own schedule and not at​ the mercy of​ other student’s learning style.

Make More Money
It’s a​ well known fact that people with college degrees and advanced degrees earn much more than their high school or​ GED counterparts. According to​ the U.S. Census, workers 18 and over sporting bachelors degrees earn an​ average of​ $51,206 a​ year, while those with a​ high school diploma earn $27,915. But wait, there's more. Workers with an​ advanced degree make an​ average of​ $74,602, and those without a​ high school diploma average $18,734.*

There are so many online colleges in​ the US and abroad that it​ can be difficult to​ choose the best online university degree program. But no matter which one you choose, the advancements in​ educational technology provide you with the opportunity to​ get the accredited professional education you desire.

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Online Colleges Gain Popularity Among New Graduates

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