Online Bachelor Nursing Degree Consideration Guidelines

Online Bachelor Nursing Degree Consideration Guidelines

If you are a​ LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or​ RN (Registered Nurse), it's time for you to​ advance your career by earning a​ bachelor degree in​ nursing. Today, with so many nursing degrees offers through distance learning, now you can earn your bachelor nursing degree without the need to​ put your life on hold.

With so many nursing programs offers online, it​ sometime makes you feel difficult to​ choose one from among all the best. This article will outline the basic guidelines on how to​ consider an​ online nursing degree which will secure you for a​ brighter future. Get the answers to​ the following questions in​ order to​ make an​ informed decision:

1. is​ the university accredited?

Although graduating from an​ accredited university does not guarantee jobs or​ licensure for individuals, it​ reflects the quality of​ the educational programs offer by the university. it​ speaks to​ a​ sense of​ public trust, as​ well as​ to​ professional quality. Thus, it​ is​ important to​ enroll to​ a​ university which is​ accredited by a​ recognized accreditation agency.

Regional accreditation is​ the highest level of​ accreditation a​ college or​ university can obtain and is​ recognized throughout the United States. Examples of​ regional accrediting bodies include the Southern Association of​ Colleges and Schools, the North Central Association of​ Colleges and Schools and the Middle States Association of​ Colleges and Secondary Schools.

2. is​ the nursing school accredited?

Accreditation of​ a​ nursing school is​ a​ voluntary endeavor, but it​ ensures the quality and commitment of​ its educational program in​ the proper training of​ nurses. if​ you are planning to​ apply for any financial aid or​ you plan to​ advance your studies to​ a​ higher level in​ the future, an​ accredited nursing school is​ a​ factor to​ consider. Online nursing programs offered by an​ accredited nursing school will also increase your competitive edge in​ the job market because many employers prefer to​ hire practitioners with degrees from accredited institutions.

3. What are the lectures like?

Most university programs are purely reading and taking tests, but if​ you enroll into an​ online nursing degree program which can offer streaming video and audio lectures, along with textbooks, study guides and CDs; these visual learning material will definite help you to​ understand your courses better and faster.

4. Does proctored exams needed and can you take the test online? Some online nursing programs require you to​ take proctored exams at​ testing centers, which involves traveling to​ testing centers and paying fees. But there are universities which you can take your proctored exams and complete your assignment 100% online.

5. Do you need to​ attend physical classes?

Some nursing courses require you to​ attend a​ certain hours of​ physical classes at​ campus. But there are universities offer the courses fully online. it​ is​ good for you to​ ask and confirm with the university to​ avoid any crash with your working schedule. if​ attending a​ certain hours of​ physical classes is​ not possible for you, then 100% online classes may be your better option.

6. What are the fees over and above the tuition and textbooks?

Many institutions charge not only tuition costs but also a​ host of​ assorted fees that may include application, transcript evaluation, library privileges, graduation and more. Plus, tuition may seem low at​ first, but then they hit you with extra expenses when you matriculate.

7. How can I contact my professors and classmates?

A worthy University program will give you several options such as​ chat room, message board, email, MSN or​ the university may implement their own proprietary online learning system for contacting your professors and classmates.

8. What are the practice project requirements?

This is​ a​ very important question. Determine your obligations by asking the following:

  • Do I have to​ travel to​ another city? if​ so, for how long?

  • Are there additional travel costs, or​ is​ travel included in​ my tuition costs?

  • Can I select a​ preceptor I already know?

  • Can I fulfill the requirements with my own employer?

  • Are there additional fees?

  • How many hours are required?

In Summary
Pursuing an​ online bachelor nursing degree is​ your education investment for your career advancement, so you must make the right choice. Getting the answers for the above questions will help you to​ make your right decision and select an​ online nursing degree that meet your career goal.

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