Online Auctions 10 Secrets You Should Know Before Bidding

Yes! You know many online auction sites.

'Course you may have participated in​ some of​ the​ biddings.

The next time you decide to​ bid for​ a​ product or​ a​ service, do remember these vital online auctions secrets and​ tips.

1:Important to​ know the​ value of​ the​ product you plan to​ bid. Product is​ new? Check the​ price retailers are charging for​ it. it​ helps in​ two ways, you'll know the​ original cost and​ helps you to​ pay way less than the​ retail value, if​ it​ is​ old or​ re-conditioned.

2:To ensure that you get a​ good product, get the​ complete information and​ picture of​ the​ product from merchant, if​ the​ details are incomplete on the​ site.

3:Decide your maximum paying limit and​ stick to​ it​ lest you may end up caught in​ the​ 'bid war' and​ end up paying more than the​ actual cost.

4:It is​ always good to​ check a​ few auction sites for​ you may find the​ same product at​ a​ much lesser price in​ some unpopular sites simple because of​ the​ fewer number of​ buyers in​ those sites.

5:Make a​ note of​ the​ auction begin and​ end time. and​ the​ shipping time as​ well. This helps you to​ calculate the​ time when you want the​ product at​ a​ certain date.

6:Payments: Check the​ various payment modes the​ merchant offers. if​ checks and​ money orders are accepted, the​ delay in​ delivery will invariably be delayed for​ the​ payment has to​ clear. if​ the​ credit cards are accepted, ensure they have secure server.

7:Find out if​ the​ merchant offers a​ warranty or​ money back guarantee before the​ bid. Surely you don't want to​ be bogged down with a​ non-working or​ unsatisfactory product.

8:Always good the​ check the​ track record of​ the​ merchant, if​ offered one. See if​ you can bump into any complaints from the​ past customers.

9:Start your auction early to​ convey a​ message to​ other that you're interested in​ the​ product. if​ someone outbid you, you do the​ same. Always remember your maximum bid limit.

10:The reason to​ know the​ bid time - it​ helps you place a​ last minute bid, assuming that other bidders may not have kept track of​ the​ bid time

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