One Way Links Is The Best SEO Strategy

There are two very popular methods for getting permanent one way links that will send traffic to​ your website. They include:

1) Writing Articles – How this works is​ that you​ write an​ article,​ at​ the​ bottom or​ in​ the​ content,​ you​ place a​ link to​ your website. Then,​ you​ submit the​ article to​ an​ article submission service that will make your content available for free or​ for a​ cost. the​ user of​ you​ content must then put the​ entire article on​ their site,​ with your link. And,​ you​ have one more permanent one way link to​ your website for every person who uses your content.

2) Submitting to​ Directories - Submitting your website URL to​ web directories is​ a​ very time consuming and boring process,​ where you​ give the​ title and description of​ the​ site,​ in​ addition to​ the​ URL for your site. the​ directory will then add your site and give you​ another incoming link. Directory submission is​ a​ good technique for getting permanent one way links.

Because the​ two ways that are most often used to​ increase the​ number of​ incoming links are both time consuming and boring,​ it​ is​ better to​ ask for the​ help of​ a​ professional who knows what to​ do to​ get you​ permanent one way links.

Using someone who has experience writing articles and submitting to​ directories in​ order to​ build one way links is​ better than doing this submissions yourself. Why? Because first you​ don’t have long hours to​ waste and second you​ could generate bad incoming links if​ you​ d not submit your articles or​ directory listings in​ the​ right way.

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