One Big Opportunity

One Big Opportunity

Do you have expert knowledge, but often find yourself struggling to​ create new quality content for the web? if​ yes, then you're not alone.

There's gotta be another way, right? Well, we think so.

The web is​ full of​ content. Lots of​ it​ is​ really bad information. Being an​ expert doesn't necessarily require that you create new content. What we need now more than ever are experts who can pick out the best content on the web.

That's where you come in.

The process is​ simple. Begin by choosing a​ topic of​ interest. Then, go out and find the best, most authoritive sites on your topic (start by finding 9-12 sites). Each authority site should have a​ feed for its latest content. Your site will simply feature the latest headlines from each site that you deem an​ "authority." in​ other words, you'll be making a​ portal or​ hub of​ expert information about your topic. Constantly updated...automatically. And you can make money from it​ too!

Sound too good to​ be true?

The OneBig Network is​ enabling just this kind of​ site...with the added benefit of​ network leverage. Our method gives you an​ easy way to​ make money without the daily grind. All the work is​ upfront, and then you just sit back. Our system constantly updates the latest headlines from each authority site, making your OneBig site an​ authoritive, relevant, up to​ the minute snapshot of​ the best the web has to​ offer on your particular topic.

So if​ you're struggling to​ generate new content for your blogs or​ content sties, why not try building expert sites that highlight the best feeds on your favorite topics. Not only will you be providing a​ valuable service to​ those who share your interests, but you'll also be creating a​ unique opportunity for the best kind of​ income...the sit back and relax kind!

For only $250 you can join the OneBig network which includes a​ fully functional site template, a​ custom designed header graphic, and total participation in​ the OneBig Network. Lots of​ benefits. Zero risk. Why wait?

One Big Opportunity

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