On Networking Groups Part Three

On Networking Groups ( Part Three )
I am about to​ share with you something that I​ talk to​ people about a​ lot .​
It is​ focused networking.
In each business, we have a​ target market or​ the​ perfect prospect .​
If you have been in​ a​ particular business for​ any length of​ time, you should know what type of​ person or​ business owner falls into this category for​ you .​
If not, it​ is​ time to​ figure out who this might be.
In networking for​ business it​ is​ important to​ have a​ well rounded networking schedule .​
You should attend many different types of​ groups in​ order to​ reach a​ broad spectrum of​ people .​
If you only attend a​ business after hours, you may run into several people who provide the​ same product or​ service as​ you .​
In this environment, it​ is​ important to​ know what makes you different from them .​
In most cases this is​ not a​ company thing, but a​ personal thing .​
When you have reached the​ point that you can relate what makes you different, you will do very well in​ a​ competitive environment .​
One of​ the​ groups that you are likely to​ attend is​ a​ trade association .​
In my first exposure to​ networking many years ago, I​ attended meetings for​ a​ group that specialized in​ the​ creation of​ multimedia .​
I​ went to​ the​ meetings each month in​ the​ hope of​ building a​ relationship with others who might be able to​ help me find some work in​ the​ field .​
The opposite happened .​
I​ found myself in​ the​ ultimate competition .​
I​ should have been there to​ learn about trends in​ the​ industry and​ to​ get background information of​ my competitors, there was literally no work to​ be had in​ an​ environment with all of​ my competition!
What happens if​ you attend the​ trade association meeting of​ your target prospect? It is​ likely that you may be the​ only person in​ the​ room selling your product or​ service .​
If you do your homework before you go and​ discover the​ mission of​ the​ group, it​ is​ easier to​ prepare for​ that kind of​ opportunity.
In this environment, you may be sitting through a​ presentation by a​ speaker that you know nothing about, so to​ maximize your networking opportunity, arrive early and​ leave late .​
Talk to​ as​ many people as​ you can in​ the​ time that you have to​ network before the​ presentation begins .​
If you see someone in​ the​ group that you know, approach them and​ ask them to​ introduce you around in​ the​ room .​
This will help you to​ shortcut the​ process of​ meeting people .​
It also gives a​ friend an​ opportunity to​ refer you personally in​ a​ group of​ their peers.
It is​ important to​ be creative when looking for​ meetings to​ attend .​
Attend many, and​ you will have more opportunities to​ work with .​
Set a​ goal to​ visit all the​ types of​ groups at​ least once a​ month for​ maximum exposure and​ optimum contacts.

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