On Networking Groups Part Four

On Networking Groups ( Part Four )
What is​ a​ leads group? Leads groups seem to​ be the​ most popular form of​ networking judging that comment by the​ fact that there are more leads groups in​ existence that have been around for​ a​ long time than most other types of​ groups.
Leads groups are often referred to​ as​ closed groups .​
This means that there can only be one type of​ a​ business represented in​ a​ group .​
Lets say that I​ am a​ web designer .​
In a​ closed group I​ would be the​ only web designer represented in​ the​ group .​
Other web designers would be allowed to​ visit, but if​ they wanted to​ join the​ organization they would have to​ find a​ group that did not have a​ web designer .​
If there was no opening in​ an​ existing group for​ a​ web designer, the​ person would have to​ go on a​ waiting list until an​ opening became available, or​ a​ new group was formed.
Most leads groups meet once a​ week .​
There are some that only meet once a​ month .​
Leads groups offer something that a​ lot of​ people need .​
Structure and​ discipline .​
What do I​ mean by this?
Structure - In a​ leads group you do not have to​ be a​ master net worker .​
As a​ matter of​ fact, you can be a​ shy person and​ still have success in​ a​ leads group .​
Most leads groups allow a​ given amount of​ time to​ tell other members about your business .​
This usually ranges from one to​ five minutes .​
In this allotted amount of​ time you can go into great detail about your business including describing what type of​ leads you are looking for​ .​
The format is​ usually accomplished by sitting around a​ large table, and​ a​ leader moderates the​ time and​ asks questions .​
The meetings are generally held early in​ the​ morning or​ at​ lunchtime .​
Discipline - In a​ leads group you are expected to​ show up for​ the​ meetings .​
Theoretically, if​ a​ leads group had only 15 members and​ several people did not show up, it​ would be difficult to​ have a​ reasonable meeting .​
To insure against this happening most groups require that you assign a​ substitute when you can not attend .​
This substitute should be a​ person in​ the​ same industry as​ you so that the​ balance of​ the​ group is​ not affected .​
In this situation, if​ you have a​ tendency to​ miss a​ lot of​ meetings, it​ would not be good to​ join a​ leads group .​
If you miss a​ lot of​ meetings without a​ sub, you will be ejected from the​ group.
The upside? In a​ leads group you will get to​ know people very well over time and​ get an​ idea of​ their abilities to​ fulfill the​ needs of​ a​ referral .​
This is​ good if​ you do not have time during the​ week to​ meet with people one-on-one in​ order to​ get to​ know them .​
a​ dedicated group will provide you with a​ steady stream of​ leads that you can utilize to​ expand your business.
The downside? Well, sometimes the​ leads become a​ paramount obligation and​ people feel pressured to​ pass them .​
If they are passing leads that are just names and​ numbers without a​ true expressed need, the​ leads generally lead you nowhere .​
Another issue is​ a​ member of​ the​ group whose quality of​ product or​ service does not meet the​ standards that you would want to​ refer to​ someone .​
It is​ difficult to​ pass a​ solid qualified lead to​ someone who will not provide the​ kind of​ service that you would expect them to.
There are also a​ few groups in​ existence that are in​ essence leads groups .​
They allow freedom to​ go to​ any meeting you wish as​ long as​ you are a​ member .​
The format is​ the​ same, seated at​ a​ table, and​ there is​ usually a​ time limit .​
The problem with these groups is​ that people wander in​ and​ out and​ without a​ lot of​ time to​ talk individually, you still have to​ set appointments outside of​ the​ group to​ really get to​ know someone .​
Without the​ discipline, the​ freeform leads group usually does not last for​ a​ long period of​ time .​
Often these groups open and​ close with great regularity leaving the​ members to​ search for​ another meeting to​ attend.
In closing, I​ would like to​ add that there is​ no wrong or​ right group to​ belong to .​
Visit groups and​ you will find the​ ones that are right for​ you .​
It is​ often beneficial to​ belong to​ three types of​ groups to​ get the​ most out of​ your networking efforts.

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