On Networking Groups Part Five

On Networking Groups ( Part Five )
Online networking web sites .​
Are they really networking and​ are they really working?
They have been springing up all over .​
They are based on contact management .​
They are direct in​ messaging, emailing, and​ even in​ the​ six degrees of​ separation .​
They go by many different names and​ have various methods of​ finding people .​
The problem with these sites is​ that they are not really networking .​
Do you disagree?
To be effective in​ networking requires building a​ relationship with another person .​
This is​ difficult to​ do through messages and​ email .​
If you have ever had a​ discussion with a​ person through email or​ instant messaging, I​ would like to​ ask if​ you ever found yourself in​ a​ situation where you had to​ actually pick up the​ phone to​ find out what a​ person was really talking about?
In relationships conversation is​ extremely important .​
The communication is​ key .​
The thing that we may not really pay attention to​ is​ the​ importance of​ tonal inflection in​ the​ voice and​ the​ added benefits of​ body language in​ expressing ourselves .​
These are the​ things that online networking is​ lacking.
Since the​ most important aspect of​ having a​ relationship with another person is​ based in​ trust, it​ is​ difficult to​ develop trust in​ someone that you have never seen nor heard .​
It is​ even more difficult to​ get a​ person to​ do business with you without some type of​ face to​ face contact.
With this in​ mind, will these web sites last or​ are they merely a​ passing craze? Are they popular simply because we are looking for​ success in​ any way that it​ might come to​ us? Time will tell.
It is​ my advice that if​ you are looking for​ new contacts, step away from the​ desk and​ out into the​ community .​
Online networking is​ less effective for​ getting business than it​ is​ putting your resume online to​ get a​ job .​
All of​ the​ people are faceless and​ voiceless and​ no one really wants to​ do business with an​ email .​
Or do they? With the​ thousands of​ people out there who are selling what you need, including those in​ your own community, how do you decide what to​ buy? My guess is​ that you end up buying most premium products and​ services from someone that you have met in​ person, even if​ it​ is​ just a​ clerk in​ a​ store .​
I​ am of​ course excluding buying products through an​ online store .​
So then what is​ the​ future of​ online networking? You are in​ control of​ it .​
Please take a​ moment and​ send me your opinion of​ online networking .​
Please be sure to​ tell me if​ you have ever gotten any business from it​ exclusively .​
I​ am guessing that you probably haven't and​ you probably won't.

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