Olive Oil Natures Skin Beauty Secret

Olive Oil Natures Skin Beauty Secret

Olive Oil Natures Skin Beauty Secret
Having beautiful skin just seems to​ be the​ proverbial neverending quest of​ women . ​
One only needs t visit the​ local supermarket or​ beauty shop to​ see the​ wide array of​ skin products that are supposed to​ provide the​ secret to​ youthful skin . ​
Many of​ these products promise rejuvenation and​ revitalization of​ the​ pores,​ making the​ skin blemishfree and​ silky white . ​
Many of​ these products cost a​ fortune but the​ buyers keep on​ coming just to​ attain their goal of​ having the​ perfect complexion . ​

But unknown to​ many,​ one of​ natures best kept beauty secrets might be found sitting on​ a​ shelf in​ ones kitchen pantry . ​
Organic skin care has already been used by many because of​ its natural ingredients that can help the​ skin feel and​ look healthy,​ without the​ harm of​ other rough,​ harsh,​ and​ strong skin care components . ​

For many years,​ the​ earliest of​ cultures have seen the​ potential of​ olive oil when it​ comes to​ organic skin care . ​
First cultivated by the​ Greeks over 4,​000 years ago in​ Crete,​ olive oil was an​ integral part of​ the​ Minoan economy,​ and​ was often kept in​ large settling tanks . ​
the​ Greeks then quickly learned that this organic oil had amazing properties . ​
Aside from being a​ flavorful food source,​ olive oil was also used to​ heat oil lamps and​ to​ make soap . ​
it​ was not long before the​ Greeks,​ together with other Mediterranean women,​ used it​ as​ a​ skin moisturizer and​ ointment for​ soothing dry skin and​ sunburns . ​
Olive oil was also used as​ a​ skin highlighter,​ allowing the​ user to​ emphasize the​ curves and​ shapes of​ the​ body . ​

In terms of​ actual health benefits,​ the​ consumption of​ olive oil has been shown to​ stimulate bone growth and​ calcium absorption . ​
Tests show that the​ oil helps prevent cancer,​ diabetes,​ and​ skin aging . ​
Studies also show that the​ consumption of​ olive oil results in​ favorable effects on​ cholesterol regulation and​ low density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol oxidation . ​
Olive oil is​ also known for​ its antiinflammatory,​ antithrombotic,​ and​ antihypertensive properties . ​
Since olive oil is​ rich in​ antioxidants,​ it​ is​ speculated that its use may help counteract the​ effects of​ ultraviolet UV radiation . ​
Studies in​ Japan have also proven that the​ antioxidants in​ olive oil helps in​ neutralizing free radical damage . ​

While olive oil is​ not a​ sunscreen and​ does not prevent UV rays from penetrating the​ skin,​ using it​ as​ a​ cosmetic does help in​ protecting the​ skin against acquired aging and​ damage from the​ sun . ​
Being an​ excellent organic skin care product,​ olive oil is​ also a​ superior moisturizer and​ humectant . ​
it​ can attract moisture from the​ air and​ binds it​ to​ the​ skin . ​
Skin conditions such as​ eczema and​ acne respond well to​ skin care products containing,​ or​ made with olive oil,​ because of​ the​ antibacterial properties of​ this organic oil . ​
So before buying the​ latest and​ most expensive chemicalbased skin care products,​ consider using natural skin beauty enhancers that contain olive oil . ​

Aside from its proven effects as​ a​ beauty product,​ olive oil can also be massaged onto the​ cuticles to​ restore nail strength and​ resiliency to​ the​ nail bed . ​
in​ addition,​ olive oil may also be used as​ an​ allbody moisturizer when it​ is​ added to​ bathwater . ​
Massaging it​ into the​ hair and​ scalp will also restore the​ heads crowning glory . ​
Indeed,​ olive oil is​ such a​ gift of​ nature that allows women to​ regain their youthful skin . ​

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