Old Crone Or Bright Young Thing The Gluten Free Shopping Experience

Old Crone Or Bright Young Thing The Gluten Free Shopping Experience

Before I became a​ celiac I took very little notice of​ food labeling. if​ I fancied the​ product then I bought and​ ate it. Things are very different now, as​ I have become an​ inveterate label reader.

Now I can hear you thinking “What a​ shopping bore” in​ fact the​ opposite is​ true. Shopping for​ food is​ an​ adventure; my quest is​ to​ identify new things I can safely eat on a​ gluten free diet. it​ is​ all a​ matter of​ perception.

How many of​ you are familiar with the​ optical illusion of​ the​ lady? Many people see an​ old crone, a​ lady with a​ huge chin and​ a​ beaky nose. Others see a​ glamorous young lady dresses in​ the​ height of​ fashion at​ the​ turn of​ the​ Twentieth Century, with a​ very fancy hat. for​ some people they can only see a​ single option even if​ they know there are other possibilities. it​ is​ not until you trace a​ particular line then there is​ that “light bulb” moment when they can finally see the​ other form.

Back to​ shopping. if​ you think about reading product labels as​ a​ real bore, taking too much time and​ as​ a​ restriction on your life, that is​ exactly what it​ will become. On the​ other hand you can relish the​ exercise as​ a​ form of​ competition to​ find new products, the​ impact on your temper and​ frame of​ mind is​ likely to​ be very different.

The quality of​ food labeling has improved greatly in​ latter years, we can now be much more conscious of​ what we are putting inside our bodies. I for​ one am much more conscious of​ additives, cheap fillers and​ chemical ingredients. as​ a​ result of​ label reading I have a​ much healthier and​ more varied diet.

Next time you go shopping make a​ conscious decision whether you want to​ be the​ shopping equivalent of​ the​ “old crone” or​ the​ “bright young thing”

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