Oh No The SEO Company I Hired Didn T Do A Thing What Do I Do

Oh No The SEO Company I Hired Didn T Do A Thing What Do I Do

As a​ new age of​ web marketers filter through the​ trials & tribulations of​ success online,​ it​ brings us to​ an​ important question,​ who do I believe? if​ you've paid attention as​ to​ how to​ optimize your site for online performance,​ you'll eventually come across what we call,​ bad SEO practices.

In the​ event that you​ are looking into hiring an​ SEO company,​ you​ are left with many decisions and concerns. I don't blame you​ for worrying. Many of​ the​ so called “SEO” companies are just out to​ get your money. Please don't take this article as​ an​ attack against SEO consultants but take it​ as​ a​ warning to​ do your due-diligence and investigate each company you​ contact.

Here is​ a​ small check list to​ ask:

- Could you​ show me some of​ your clients placements?
- What did you​ have to​ do to​ get them there?
- Could you​ give me something to​ read about your methods?
- Do you​ guarantee your placements? (oh oh look out)

If the​ response comes back something like this:

We don't disclose our secrets or,​ we cloned their information and placed it​ on​ our site to​ get a​ good ranking right away or,​ we simply went out to​ got 1000’s of​ incoming links for them. Here's the​ kicker,​ stay away from this; we guarantee you​ top placements and/or placements on​ the​ 1st page etc.

These are considered tell tale signs that the​ SEO Company you​ contacted is​ just in​ it​ for the​ money and they don't truly care about your business in​ the​ future. All these practices in​ question may sometimes work but are breaking ethical search engine optimization rules.

Here is​ what an​ "unethical SEO "would sound like:
(created for the​ purposes of​ this illustration).

1) “we don't disclose our secrets” - There are no secrets to​ disclose
2) “We cloned their information” - We will get better results than you​ will
3) “We went out and got 1000’s of​ links” - Good thing they weren't related to​ anything you​ do because we would actually have to​ spend a​ lot of​ time targeting your market instead of​ bringing in​ false traffic.
4) “We guarantee everything” - There is​ no such thing on​ the​ internet.

Here is​ what an​ "ethical SEO" would sound like:
(created for the​ purposes of​ this illustration).

What we plan to​ do is​ to​ strategically target your market by optimizing your site internally to​ target the​ right key words that your potential buyers are searching for online. Also,​ we would like to​ strategically place your website link on​ other related websites to​ gain more exposure to​ your business with the​ right people in​ mind.”

We don't care if​ other people are “cloning”,​”hiding their text”,​”linking to​ everyone in​ the​ world”,​ we are here to​ build the​ right foundation,​ to​ make sure that your tree will grow for years to​ come.”

Although we cannot guarantee anything in​ this business,​ our track record is​ strong and our clients are truly happy with their results,​ here are some references.”

There is​ a​ big difference in​ good practices and bad ones. you​ can spot them right away as​ soon as​ they divert your questions elsewhere. Good SEO companies aren't afraid to​ answer your questions,​ in​ fact,​ we love to​ talk about search marketing & positioning and we have the​ proof to​ back up our statements.

Some would say SEO Companies are like “lawyers”,​ they will do whatever it​ takes to​ win the​ battle but many of​ us SEO’s would strongly disagree. Granted,​ in​ every working field in​ the​ world,​ there are bad apples out there. Unfortunately concerning web marketing,​ we see them world wide but our industry is​ about helping people grow their business. We genuinely care about your success. the​ more successful you​ are,​ the​ more success we will attract for our own business.

This information can also be used for everyone trying to​ perform their own SEO plans. Don't believe every practice you​ hear out there,​ in​ fact,​ try asking the​ professionals at​ “www.webproworld.com” one of​ the​ internet's most resourceful informational forums to​ date. Simply ask one of​ the​ professionals about the​ ethical/unethical methods of​ promoting your business,​ and you​ will get the​ answer you​ were looking for.

I hope this information helps your journey!

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