Of Course You Have Skills And Talents You Can Use In Retirement

Of Course You Have Skills And Talents You Can Use In Retirement

I can't tell you how often I hear people who are contemplating retirement say, "but I don't know how to​ do anything except my job." Baloney! You have skills and you have talents. You might have buried them in​ the back yard, but they are still there. What is​ more, if​ you held a​ job or​ ran a​ household -- YOU HAVE SKILLS AND TALENTS.

Some people seem to​ think that the moment they retire, either they forget everything they know and everything they know how to​ do. Then when they they want to​ find a​ way to​ become involved in​ the community or​ a​ non-profit organization, they think they have nothing to​ offer. When they think about finding a​ part-time job, they think they have no skills or​ talents anyone will want. Many even think they can't discover new and meaningful ways to​ fill their time.

The challenge for many people is​ in​ understanding that all the skills and abilities and talents they learned and cultivated through the years are still important and applicable to​ new situations. it​ is​ really a​ simple matter of​ learning to​ value ourselves, our abilities, and think differently about how our talents can be used.

For example, if​ you ran a​ household with several children, you are probably an​ organizational wizard. You have time management skills, planning skills, counseling skills, communication skills, plus quite a​ number of​ other useful skills. You simply need to​ learn to​ think about the responsibilities, functions and tasks you performed day after day and break out individual skills. Once you have done that, you need to​ think about them in​ the abstract.

If you managed to​ get three children to​ afterschool activities in​ different parts of​ town at​ the same time and got them all back home again, you have planning and time management skills. Those skills are adaptable. You can use those skills to​ figure out other logistical and time management challenges. You might be an​ excellent delivery planner for a​ floral shop -- you can chart out a​ logical order for the deliveries to​ be made that will meet all the deadlines, save gas, and save time. You've been doing it​ for years! Now, if​ you want, you can do it​ for a​ little extra income.

Were you the person who ran all the fund raisers for school activities for the PTA for a​ number of​ years? Are you good at​ figuring out what needs to​ happen in​ what order to​ put together a​ successful school fundraising event? Did you break records in​ finding ways to​ raise money for band uniforms and travel? You have event planning skills and fund-raising skills. You would be very valuable to​ a​ non-profit organization or​ a​ community organization.

Do you love art, know a​ great deal about it, and love sharing that information? Why not volunteer as​ a​ tour guide for an​ art gallery or​ museum?

The possibilities before us in​ re-firement are limitless. We simply need to​ think more creatively about the skills and talents we possess and explore opportunities to​ use them in​ new and exciting ways.

If you are stuck breaking free of​ restricting thinking about your abilities and talents, call me. I'll help you rediscover your abilities and find exciting and fulfilling ways to​ transfer your skills and talents.

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