Obedience Training For Dogs And Puppies

Obedience Training For Dogs And Puppies

Obedience training is​ one of​ the​ best things you​ can do for your dog and yourself. in​ fact,​ a​ well trained dog is​ by far a​ happier dog! Why? Because a​ trained dog requires much fewer restrictions,​ so the​ more reliable the​ dog,​ the​ more freedom he/she is​ given.

Dogs are social animals and without proper training,​ they will behave just like animals.(A dog is​ a​ pack animal. it​ prefers to​ be with companions) They can soil your house,​ chew your belongings,​ bark at​ everything that moves,​ dig up your back garden,​ attack other dogs and even attack you​ or​ your children! Training serves to​ strengthen the​ bond between a​ dog and his owner. it​ builds communication and mutual respect,​ and effectively demonstrates to​ your dog that you're the​ leader of​ the​ pack without resorting to​ smacking or​ hitting. Dogs have their own personalities and mindset. They can be stubborn,​ dominant,​ submissive,​ or​ fearful,​ characteristics that can make them difficult to​ own and train.

Obedience training is​ also an​ easy way to​ establish the​ social hierarchy. Training can be accomplished at​ home,​ in​ an​ obedience class,​ or​ with a​ private trainer. When your dog obeys a​ simple command he/she is​ showing compliance and respect for you. a​ well-behaved,​ obedient trained dog is​ a​ pleasure to​ own because he can go virtually anywhere without being a​ risk or​ nuisance to​ others or​ themselves ( an​ untrained dog loose near traffic is​ an​ accident waiting to​ happen). at​ the​ end of​ the​ day dog obedience training really benefits everybody. Remember dog ownership is​ a​ big responsibility and there is​ nothing fast and simple about it,​ consistency is​ important in​ dog training,​ in​ fact patience,​ persistence and consistency are the​ most important concepts in​ any kind of​ teaching. Obedience training should be fun and rewarding for both you​ and your dog.

When searching for a​ trainer or​ instructor to​ help with training your dog there are different types of​ training available,​ remember an​ obedience instructor works with people not dogs,​ then the​ people work with their pets. Whereas a​ dog trainer teaches your dog to​ obey,​ then teaches you​ how to​ get the​ dog to​ listen to​ you.

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