Nursing Shortage Equals Great Opportunities Now

Nursing Shortage Equals Great Opportunities . . . Now!
How would you like a​ job that no matter where you went, you were in​ demand? The pay is​ great. Bonuses are paid when you are hired. You do not have to​ work in​ the same place year after year. in​ fact, you can change the vocation landscape every quarter if​ you wish. What kind of​ job am I ​ speaking of? Nursing.
There is​ such a​ nursing shortage, they can demand just that. Not just in​ the United States, but all over the world. it​ is​ estimated that there are over 120,000 nursing vacancies in​ America. And it​ isn’t getting better. as​ the US population continues to​ get older, the nursing shortage is​ expected to​ reach 800,000 in​ the next decade.
Nurses can name their price. Some are making as​ much as​ $6070 per hour. Yes, these are the best of​ times … and the worse of​ times for nurses. Good, because they can practically name the terms of​ their employment. Bad because they are being over worked and our health care is​ suffering as​ a​ result of​ it. it​ is​ only a​ matter of​ time that someone’s life is​ lost as​ a​ result of​ this.
American hospitals are starting to​ look overseas to​ satisfy their need for nurses. as​ this is​ being written, legislation is​ being worked to​ allow these immigrants a​ path to​ citizenship as​ they work in​ our hospitals.
Pulling nurses from overseas creates problems for those countries that are losing nurses. Good health care is​ as​ much a​ premium there as​ it​ is​ here. This is​ not the long term solution to​ the problem.
Our government throws money at​ everything. Even in​ nursing education they provide educational grants, loans, etc. The problem is​ they do not have enough professors to​ teach new nurses. in​ fact, there were almost 30,000 qualified nursing students last year that could not get educated.
Is this the government’s responsibility to​ ante up even more money to​ educate new nurses? That is​ not for me to​ answer, but it​ seems like some of​ these agencies and hospitals could do more to​ encourage and help nurses enter the workplace. After all, these same agencies are willing to​ pay upwards to​ $5,000 as​ a​ hiring bonus for qualified nurses.
This may not seem to​ be a​ problem to​ you … until you find yourself needing qualified healthcare.

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