Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

A Nursing homes' sole purpose is​ to​ give physical, occupational and rehabilitative therapies. in​ the United States, there were more than 16,000 nursing homes in​ 2018 and all of​ them are asked to​ work under governmental and legal requirements such as: to​ have a​ licensed nursed on duty 24/7, and during at​ least one shift each day, one of​ those nurses must be a​ Registered Nurse (a professional nurse who supervises the assistants).

Depending on the type of​ assistance the resident needs, daily costs of​ a​ nursing home can run between US$350 and up. When a​ family decides to​ put a​ dear one into one of​ these places, they rely on the good will and attention from the crew of​ the home. They expect to​ get great of​ attention, so that good physical and emotional conditions of​ living are pertained. Unfortunately, this is​ not what happens all the time. Besides representing a​ place of​ relief for many, nursing homes have seen all sorts of​ injustices and abuses between their walls.

Different eye witnesses and surveys have shown that nursing home abuse is​ a​ reality, and that it​ is​ sadly underreported. Among the reasons for this alarming percentage of​ cases of​ elder mistreatment, there are stressful working conditions (staff shortages), staff burnout and inadequate staff training. if​ the work conditions are not the best at​ nursing homes, this is​ obviously shown in​ the treatment the staff gives the residents. There has been dreadful and unbelievable cases of​ elder abuse: open wounds, cuts, bruises, burns caused by cigarettes, caustics, acids, dehydration, malnutrition, unclean conditions, and fecal or​ urine odor.

If you find out that a​ relative or​ a​ friend of​ yours is​ undergoing one of​ these situations, try to​ contact the immediate authorities and report the case.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

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