Nursing Fields

Most people have a​ pretty clear image in​ their head when they think about nurses. to​ them, nurses are the people who come in​ to​ take your temperature when you are in​ the doctors office. They are usually more friendly and familiar than the doctor, and they perform a​ number of​ simple services. They take blood pressure and write down some of​ your medical record and, if​ you are hospitalized, also provide a​ good deal of​ the routine care. Usually they are very nurturing people who enjoy taking care of​ others.
Very few people understand how diverse the nursing fields really are. There are all kinds of​ different careers in​ the allied health fields, appealing to​ a​ wide variety of​ different types of​ people. For example, there is​ the difference between a​ nurse practitioner and a​ registered nurse. if​ you have the more advanced degree, you can make more money. You are not only qualified to​ do basic things like take temperatures, but you can even perform certain routine examinations and medical duties.
It is​ a​ better time than ever to​ get involved in​ the nursing fields nowadays. You see, there is​ a​ serious shortage of​ nurses all over the country. it​ is​ so that bad that, if​ you are a​ highly qualified nurse, you can basically write your own ticket. I ​ have a​ friend who has worked in​ the nursing field for years, and she gets to​ dictate her own hours. She makes more than 40 dollars an hour, and comes in​ basically when she wants to. Although it​ isnt always that sweet in​ the nursing fields, it​ quite often is. if​ you can get in​ while the getting is​ good, you really should give it​ a​ thought.
Of course, the nursing fields arent the only way to​ get involved in​ the medical health industry without going to​ medical school. EMT professionals are highly respected and highly paid. to​ be an emergency medical technician, however, you need a​ certain type of​ temperament. You need to​ be able to​ handle long periods of​ boredom and high stress crisis situations with equal ease. For people in​ this career, it​ is​ all just another days work. as​ long as​ you can keep your cool, it​ is​ a​ great job. if​ you cant, however, you should consider a​ different allied health career. There is​ no point in​ getting in​ over your head when you are the type who panics during a​ crisis.

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