Nursing Does More Than Pay The Bills

Nursing Does More Than Pay the Bills
I initially chose my career in​ nursing for financial reasons .​
One of​ my friends had become a​ registered nurse and was making a​ very comfortable living .​
When we would get together, I​ would often ask her questions about the time commitment involved with becoming an​ RN and what she liked and disliked about the job .​
Being a​ close friend, she tried her best to​ paint an​ accurate picture for me of​ what her daily work was all about and certainly didn't sugarcoat her position .​
While I​ was interested in​ what she had to​ say, I​ was much more interested in​ finding a​ way to​ quickly raise my earning potential .​
I​ enrolled in​ a​ nursing program and worked part time while I​ went to​ school .​
After graduation, I​ was able to​ get a​ job at​ a​ senior care facility .​
I​ was already prepared for the worst I​ might encounter and was looking forward to​ getting my first paycheck .​

My first paycheck came and went, and while I​ was happy to​ be earning a​ high hourly wage, my focal point had shifted .​
You see, for the first time in​ my working life, I​ actually looked forward to​ going to​ work .​
It's not that I​ ever hated any particular previous job so much that I​ dreaded coming in, but more that I​ always viewed work as​ a​ necessary evil .​
Nursing changed that for me .​

Everyday, I​ get to​ help people .​
I​ comfort them when they need to​ be comforted .​
I​ listen when they need someone to​ talk to .​
I​ have a​ very busy schedule, and not everything I​ do is​ rewarding or​ even pleasant, but there are aspects of​ this job that make me feel like I​ am really making a​ difference to​ someone .​
Three months after I​ started my job, one of​ our patients unexpectedly passed away .​
When his family came for the wake and funeral, they made a​ point to​ stop by the facility and thank me .​
Apparently, this man had told them several times of​ how kind I​ was to​ him and how much he appreciated it .​
Hearing this made me cry, but it​ also made me happy that my efforts were appreciated.
It's now been a​ few years since I​ first graduated from the nursing program .​
I'm going to​ earn an​ online bachelor's of​ science in​ nursing while I​ continue at​ my job .​
My hope is​ to​ eventually become head nurse, although I​ want to​ avoid moving into an​ administrative position .​
I​ like spending my workday caring for patients .​
The feeling I​ get from my job is​ worth more than any paycheck could ever be.

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