Nursing Degree Applications Up But Demand Still Exceeds Supply

For the fifth year in​ a​ row, applications have increased for schools offering a​ nursing degree according to​ American Association of​ Colleges of​ Nursing. Unfortunately this continuing increase still can't keep up with the demand as​ over 32,000 students were turned away.

Last year, the U.S. Department of​ Labor reported Registered Nursing as​ the top occupation in​ terms of​ job growth through the year 2018. According to​ the latest projections from the U.S. Bureau of​ Labor Statistics, more than one million new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2018.

Students are either looking for other careers or​ looking for other schools. One resource that many students are finding helpful is​ the website . in​ many cases students are finding out about nursing programs within their area, but offered by schools other than their closest public university.

One option that is​ growing in​ popularity is​ the accelerated bachelor nursing degree. This program allows students with a​ bachelor's degree in​ a​ different field to​ obtain a​ BSN in​ 12 to​ 18 months. This program has grown from 31 schools in​ 1990 to​ 168 today. The program is​ intense with 40 hours of​ class and lab time per week plus study time. There are usually no breaks between terms either. The cost is​ steep as​ well--$30,000 but many students are able to​ qualify for grants and loans.

At the other end of​ the spectrum are part-time students that are looking to​ change careers or​ need to​ work full-time. These students take one or​ two classes per semester and will take several years beyond the standard 4 to​ complete their degree.

The payoff? Starting salaries from $45,000 and up. There is​ of​ course more advancement to​ the levels of​ nurse practitioners and graduate degrees.

With demand continuing to​ outpace supply, all types of​ students that are interested in​ the field are encouraged to​ begin pursuing a​ nursing degree by viewing the resources at​

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