Nursing Bras 34

While pregnant with my first son, I​ decided that I​ would give a​ try to​ breastfeeding .​
Even though I​ was somewhat uncomfortable with the entire process due to​ my own inhibitions, I​ thought that it​ would be the best thing for my son so I​ tried it .​
What they don’t tell you enough is​ that your breasts go up at​ least one or​ two cup sizes while nursing .​
This leads you to​ need nursing bras, out of​ necessity of​ size and convenience.
Nursing bras are for the most part extremely uncomfortable .​
For me, they cut in​ my rib cage at​ all the wrong spots and were just itchy and irritable .​
My skin was very sensitive due to​ being stretched too much and nursing bras that I​ bought were scratchy and uncomfortable .​
If you can avoid purchasing nursing bras with any type of​ lace accents or​ material, I​ would certainly do so .​
It is​ not just in​ my situation that this material has been an​ irritant, but others that I​ have known have also had the same problem with lace .​
I’m not exactly sure why this is, but it​ seems as​ though the skin is​ very sensitive and the lace is​ not a​ good material to​ be in​ contact with .​
If you can find nursing bras in​ one hundred percent cotton that would probably be your best option.
Many stores now have nursing bras available for purchase .​
You don’t need to​ go to​ specialty stores, but they are available there .​
Stores like JC Penney’s, Target, Kohl’s and even Wal-Mart have a​ selection of​ nursing bras available .​
Mainly, any store that has any type of​ maternity clothing will usually have a​ selection of​ nursing bras .​
Again, the material on the brands that are produced by the stores is​ somewhat irritable and not that high of​ quality, and the fit of​ these is​ not the best .​

If you have the money to​ invest, my personal favorite nursing bra is​ made by Bravado and is​ generally around forty dollars .​
The material and fit I​ have found to​ be the best, but it​ may be different in​ your situation so try some on .​
Also, if​ you do not wish to​ purchase nursing bras, you can make due with sports bras or​ wireless bras in​ larger sizes .​
They are not quite as​ convenient, but they are less expensive and could be more comfortable than a​ traditional style nursing bra.

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