Nursing Assistant Licensing Requirements

Nursing Assistant Licensing Requirements
For those interested in​ pursuing a​ career in​ the medical field, obtaining your certification as​ a​ Nursing Assistance can be exactly what you are looking for. While the specifications for licensing vary by state, all programs have basic elements. First, you must be able to​ pass a​ background check. This is​ for the safety of​ all patients and other staff. Some states only look at​ felony convictions, while others look for reckless behaviors including harassment, domestic violence, and driving under the influence of​ alcohol. Most programs also require a​ GED or​ High School diploma.
Nursing Assistant programs are generally run by healthcare facilities and local colleges. Contact any such facility for a​ listing of​ up coming classes in​ your area. Generally, the courses run from four weeks to​ twelve weeks in​ length. You will be required to​ complete a​ set amount of​ hours of​ classroom time as​ well as​ a​ set amount of​ hours of​ clinicals. These clinicals are hands on practice that takes place at​ a​ medical facility. You will not be paid for your hours worked during this training program. Federal law requires a​ minimum of​ 75 hours in​ any program, all of​ which must be supervised by a​ qualified Registered Nurse.
Upon completing all of​ your classroom hours and clinical training, you will then be required to​ take a​ Certified Nursing Assistant exam. This exam is​ held periodically throughout each state. Some agencies will allow you to​ secure employment as​ a​ Nursing Assistant during that period of​ time between completing the program and your scheduled exam. Often, verification of​ program completion and verification that you are registered to​ take the test are sufficient.
This comprehensive exam is​ made up of​ two parts, written and clinical. The written part of​ the test is​ said to​ be mainly common sense. The clinical portion will require you to​ perform a​ number of​ techniques that you will be using in​ your job. You Nursing Assistant program instructor will inform you of​ items you should be well skilled in​ for the exam. in​ addition, forming your own study group and taking online practice tests can help you feel confident as​ the date of​ the test arrives.
The Nursing Assistant licensing requirements are designed to​ ensure everyone obtaining a​ certification from the program is​ properly trained in​ policies and procedures. Precautions are taken for the safety of​ the patients, their families, and other medical staff members. it​ is​ important to​ understand that the program will only help you to​ learn the basics of​ the job. The specific job requirements will depend on the facility you are working for. You will receive either orientation or​ on the job training at​ each medical facility you begin employment with in​ the area of​ Nursing Assistant.
With the demand for Nursing Assistants very high right now, it​ is​ an excellent career to​ pursue. The demand is​ anticipated to​ continue growing, with the biggest demands being in​ facilities caring for the elderly. This is​ the result of​ people living longer on average.
If you have any questions about the Nursing Assistant licensing requirements in​ your state, contact your state Medical Board by phone or​ online. The interest also provides you will additional information on licensing, classes, and career development in​ the area of​ Nursing Assistant.

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