Norwich Union Travel Insurance Highlight Holiday Hazard Hotspots

Norwich Union Travel Insurance Highlight Holiday Hazard Hotspots

At a​ time when many UK families are getting excited about their forthcoming holiday Norwich Union has compiled a​ list of​ destinations most likely to​ cause problems. the​ list is​ based upon Norwich Union's extensive claims database.

The report highlighted some old chestnuts but also revealed some less likely destinations. Mexico topped the​ list for claims following sun over-exposure,​ whilst the​ Caribbean also found the​ top spot for insect bites and stings.

The ugly face of​ crime raises its head in​ South Africa but both old British favorites,​ Spain and the​ Canaries are both highlighted as​ a​ risk for robbery and pick pocketing. Thailand was also mention for theft problems,​ but the​ report also advised unwary travelers should also be aware of​ tummy problems,​ traffic accidents and lost belongings.

Norwich Union were also quick to​ point out that most holidays go without hitch and the​ purpose of​ the​ report is​ not to​ worry tourists,​ merely to​ make them aware. Western Europe appeared to​ offer,​in the​ main,​ the​ safest destinations,​ with Ireland pipping Belguim,​ Holland,​ Germany and France.

Norwich Union advise however that whilst the​ new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers many potential problems it​ won't cover all costs and will not cover rescue or​ repatriation. an​ important point being that the​ biggest cause of​ problems when abroad is​ unforeseen medical emergencies.

When you​ consider the​ cost of​ your holiday a​ little extra expense in​ the​ form of​ adequate travel insurance cover would seem a​ prudent step. Although of​ course due diligence should also be practised.

Norwich Union offer the​ following tips for a​ hazard-free holiday;-

Lost/Misplaced belongings
Keep an​ eye on​ your belongings at​ all times. Do not leave them unattended and ensure you​ don’t check in​ your valuables while traveling,​ keep them with you,​ in​ a​ safe place.

Lock belongings in​ a​ safe when in​ a​ hotel.

Be aware of​ open windows and doors in​ your villa or​ hotel room – they attract opportunist thieves.

Robbery with violence
Be aware of​ your surroundings and look purposeful. Avoid looking lost,​ confused or​ distracted as​ this makes you​ an​ easier target for opportunist thieves.

Find out the​ emergency phone numbers used in​ the​ area you​ are visiting.

Tummy problems
Eat food that has been freshly prepared or​ thoroughly cooked,​ avoiding food that has been left standing for long periods.

Avoid ice in​ drinks in​ countries where you​ can’t drink the​ tap water (often it​ is​ not made from bottled water).

Be aware that salads may also have been washed in​ tap water.

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