North Florida Full Of Culture History Sports And Outdoor Adventure

North Florida Full Of Culture History Sports And Outdoor Adventure

North Florida is​ comprised of​ such large cities as​ Tallahassee, Panama City Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville and​ Pensacola. Tallahassee is​ largely popular for​ being the​ state capital as​ well as​ home of​ Florida State University. This school's mascot is​ the​ Seminoles and​ has an​ exceptional athletics department consisting of​ a​ basketball, baseball and​ championship football team. While in​ Tallahassee you may want to​ visit the​ Governor's Mansion, the​ eclectic art districts or​ one of​ the​ more than 60 parks that make up this gorgeous city. Hike, bike or​ walk and​ see why this area is​ so beautiful.

Rivaling Florida State University is​ the​ University of​ Florida Gators which is​ located in​ Gainesville. This city, joking called the​ swamp because of​ the​ Gator mascot, bleeds orange and​ blue! This city is​ also home to​ Shands Hospital which is​ one of​ the​ leading employers in​ this area and​ on cutting edge of​ medical research. Santa Fe Community College is​ also located here and​ has the​ distinguished honor of​ being the​ only community college that runs its own zoo in​ the​ nation. Students serve as​ guides while you visit monkeys, reptiles and​ more at​ the​ 14 acre facility.

Panama City has over 27 miles of​ beach which has become a​ sun lover's paradise. Six historic wrecks have made this area abundant for​ snorkeling, fishing and​ scuba diving. it​ has exotic sea life which helps these restaurants to​ provide you with the​ best seafood imaginable. What was once a​ hidden treasure is​ now a​ spring break hot spot. Almost year round you will find people sunbathing, splashing in​ the​ water, or​ just visiting one of​ waterfront restaurants.

Jacksonville is​ the​ 14th largest city in​ the​ United States and​ is​ home to​ the​ NFL Jacksonville Jaguars. It's year round climate provides the​ perfect playground for​ residents and​ visitors to​ enjoy golf, boating, fishing and​ tennis. With miles of​ water from the​ St. John's River and​ the​ Atlantic Ocean, this area is​ a​ great place to​ be.

No matter where you visit or​ live in​ North Florida you are sure to​ have superb weather, and​ plenty of​ activities. These cities have preserved their cities charm, while growing and​ changing with the​ times. it​ is​ said that this area of​ the​ state is​ known for​ its gorgeous weather and​ southern charm. Come to​ North Florida and​ see for​ yourself!

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