Non Surgical Treatments For Back Pain

Non Surgical Treatments For Back Pain

If you suffer from severe back pain and​ fear that surgery may be necessary, or​ if​ surgery has been recommended and​ you question the​ wisdom of​ it, you may want to​ try some non-surgical physical treatments first.

Unless your back pain is​ due to​ an​ infection, malformation of​ the​ back, or​ tumor, some type of​ physical treatment can probably help it. Let’s look at​ a​ few of​ the​ more popular and​ effective types of​ treatment.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to​ be most effective when applied within 2 months of​ the​ onset of​ back pain. Chiropractors realign the​ spine, increase the​ range of​ motion in​ back muscles, increase the​ flexibility of​ spinal soft tissue, break down scar tissue, and​ reduce pressure from constricted and​ misaligned spinal joints, all of​ which help to​ relieve pain. Usually treatment takes around 15 minutes 3 times a​ week at​ first. Over a​ few weeks sessions decrease until you are on a​ maintenance program of​ once a​ month or​ even "come come only if​ it​ hurts."


Studies by the​ National Institutes of​ Health show that acupuncture is​ very effective in​ treating back pain. According to​ the​ theory of​ acupuncture, energy (known as​ chi) flows through the​ body along pathways called meridians. if​ the​ flow of​ chi is​ interrupted, pain or​ illness can result.

An acupuncturist uses very thin needles inserted into the​ skin along the​ meridians to​ correct the​ flow of​ chi. You may be surprised to​ learn that acupuncture is​ rarely described as​ painful. in​ fact, many people find it​ relaxing and​ even fall asleep during treatment.

Physical Therapy

A good physical therapist will combine passive and​ active treatments, since exercise is​ essential to​ the​ long term imporvement in​ back pain.

Active therapy involves the​ patient’s participation. the​ therapist will determine which exercises are best for​ a​ particular condition, and​ supervise you in​ those exercises to​ ensure that you are doing them correctly. They will include:
* stretching
* strength building exercises
* aerobic exercise.

Passive therapy is​ done on you, usually while you are relaxing, and​ includes:
* heat or​ cold therapy
* electrical stimulation
* ultrasound
* massage
* iontophoresis (inserting a​ drug through intact skin using an​ electric current).

Other Alternatives to​ Surgery

In addition to​ these 3 modalities, many other non-surgical treatments exist for​ back pain, among them massage, and​ the​ use of​ herbs and​ natural supplements.

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