No Guarantees With Childhood Cancer

No Guarantees With Childhood Cancer

Raising a​ healthy and​ happy family was the​ most important objective in​ our lives. We seemed to​ be succeeding with four daughters between the​ ages of​ eight and​ twelve. Live was good.

Then without warning our oldest daughter, Alisa developed some symptoms that, at​ first, seemed minor. But as​ the​ days passed and​ she didn’t respond to​ the​ antibiotics, we knew we were looking at​ a​ serious health problem. Little did we know that we would hear the​ words, “Your daughter has cancer!”
From that moment on our lives changed forever. Our daughter had Hodgkin’s Disease.

Alisa was sent to​ Boston to​ get the​ best care. it​ was a​ daunting task trying to​ keep the​ family going. Everyone was feeling the​ effects of​ Alisa’s illness.. Once your family starts this journey, there is​ no turning back. it​ is​ a​ roller coaster ride at​ it’s worst. Alisa was challenged physically and​ the​ other children were challenged emotionally. We tried our best to​ maintain normalcy.

No Guarantees, an​ ebook tells the​ story of​ our experience with childhood cancer. it​ is​ my wish that our story will help many other families. I know when Alisa was diagnosed that I searched everywhere to​ find books or​ stories about other children. it​ was almost impossible to​ find these stories and​ when I did, usually the​ child died after a​ short fight against the​ disease.

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