Nightlife Guide Madrid

Nightlife Guide Madrid

The nightlife in​ Madrid is​ the real reason the city is​ so popular with young people. During the day the city can be a​ little dry- with all the museums, parks, etc. Most nightlife gets going really late compared to​ that in​ the States. Here are a​ couple recommendations:

Go to​ a​ Flamenco dinner show

A Flamenco dinner show is​ a​ great cultural nighttime option. if​ you are traveling to​ the South of​ Spain, particularly Granada or​ Seville, it’s best to​ find a​ Flamenco show in​ these cities. it​ will undoubtedly be cheaper and more authentic. However, Flamenco shows in​ Madrid are still a​ good option if​ you won’t be traveling outside of​ the capital.

Try a​ few tapas bars

A tapas crawl can be fun if​ you find the right places. Avoid some of​ the tourist traps in​ the Sol area, which are overpriced. Ask your hotel for suggestions. Vinoteca, in​ Plaza Santa Ana, is​ a​ one good option.

Check out some of​ Madrid’s big night clubs

Madrid’s night clubs are a​ fun experience. None card, and as​ long as​ you look about 18, you won’t have any problems getting in. Try Kapitol, across from metro stop Atocha, and Palacio Real (near Sol). Kapitol claims to​ be the biggest club in​ Europe. Both charge a​ cover of​ 12-15 euros and get busy at​ around 2 AM.

Hit the bars:

Madrid is​ full of​ good bars. Some of​ the best bars for young people are in​ the Moncloa, Tribunal, Bilbao, and Malasana neighborhoods. Here are a​ couple of​ bars that are normally flooded with American and Spanish college students, as​ well as​ others:

o El Chapandaz, “The cave bar” - (Calle Fernando El Catolico 77, Moncloa) Cool looking bar decorated like a​ cave. Some drinks are poured from a​ tap in​ the form of​ a​ rock formation hanging down from the ceiling. Good Thurs. through Sat.

o Casa de la Cerveza (Metro Bilbao) - This bar is​ normally packed on off nights because of​ its all-you-can-drink for 10 euro deal (from 11-1:30 I believe). You can try Sangria, beer, or​ red wine and coke (called calimocho- popular with the young Spanish crowd).

Note: Avoid the bars that promote around the Sol area. Some of​ the Irish bars are OK, as​ are many of​ the bars located in​ underground caves.

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