Niche Social Networking For The Realtor

Niche Social Networking For The Realtor

Niche Social Networking for​ the​ Realtor
Facebook and​ MySpace are starting to​ get recognized as​ useful tools in​ networking for​ the​ online realtor .​
However, as​ social networking sites have become one of​ the​ front runners in​ connecting people on the​ Internet, people are starting to​ get interested in​ niche social networking: sites that connect people interested in​ specific subjects.
Active Rain is​ a​ network that has taken this concept and​ turned it​ into a​ growing community of​ realtors, real estate-related professionals and​ people looking for​ the​ right agent for​ them .​
It has pages for​ individuals to​ post information about themselves and​ the​ services they provide, forums, blogs, and​ a​ Q&A forum where people can post questions about real estate .​
So far, 60,000 people have become members, which makes for​ a​ lot of​ exposure on the​ site.
One does not need to​ be an​ Internet guru to​ create a​ niche network, though .​
It can be done with existing networking sites and​ applications .​
The key is​ to​ start out creating decent, useful information on your focus in​ the​ market .​
If you are selling homes in​ the​ Sunset Hill neighborhood of​ Seattle, by all means, start a​ Facebook group or​ your own message board about the​ Sunset Hill neighborhood .​
Whatever it​ is, make sure that it​ allows people to​ weigh in, ask questions and​ post answers.
Post information on the​ schools there, and​ the​ issues about them, the​ job scene, house care when dealing with Seattle weather.. .​
anything and​ everything that has to​ do with Sunset Hill and​ Seattle homes .​
Make sure it's relevant, make sure it's up-to-date .​
Look beyond selling houses and​ post about what people buying homes in​ Seattle and​ Sunset Hill are concerned about .​
If you have happy clients who have conducted their home transaction through you, keep in​ contact with them and​ let them know about the​ site .​
Many home owners would be interested to​ know about a​ site where they can find the​ latest in​ local property values, information about the​ new mall being built or​ the​ issues facing the​ schools of​ the​ Sunset Hill area.
If you have people coming to​ your site for​ information on their neighborhood, even if​ they aren't planning to​ buy or​ to​ sell, you have succeeded .​
The huge success of​ some sites through advertising has come about through popularity gained by giving stuff away for​ free .​
If you have a​ decent amount of​ steady visitors who come to​ your site for​ the​ information you post, you have a​ decent amount of​ leads who might mention you to​ real estate-minded friends and​ family.

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